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by Shelby Michlin


The Spelljammer info needs a bit of explanation. It refers to many Spelljammer supplements and races, and that may be a bit confusing if you're not familiar with them. I apologise in advance. Also, its references to my campaign's labels require the following translations:

Danu=pc's culture's name for their world ("Mystara" to you) (because of references in CSIO to Mabon, Modron, etc I decided the culture named the sun Mabon, and their planet Danu).

Ryan=pc's culture's name for the City State of the Invincible Overlord, home of the campaign in the Ancient World/pre-Blackmoor Explosion (CSIO was referred to as "Ryan" in a bit of fiction from one of the old JG magazines).

Sky King, Vanis, Howla=names of the three moons of the JG world, again from the fiction series in the old JG magazines; after the Blackmoor Explosion, one moon is destroyed, one is cloaked (Myoshima or whatever it's called, don't feel like looking it up).

So, we have the Ancient World of my campaign. (This is a small, incredibly-dense planet.) This is the Judges Guild City-State setting, and includes Arneson's Blackmoor campaign, including the four Blackmoor modules (a little later than the main campaign time). It coincides with the Goblin/Elf wars of Spelljammer history. This is the time period in which the files I've attached are set.

Then we have the Blackmoor Explosion, blowing away a moon, and creating the Hollow World. The Ancient Peoples' cultures are preserved inside. This is the Gazetteer Era, and the current Spelljammer history. The Inn in the first Blackmoor module helped get me thinking along the lines of time travel, along with the later influence of The House Between the Worlds by Marion Zimmer Bradley, A Midsummer Night's Tempest By Poul Anderson, and a book called Timeliner (I've forgotten the author). The Spelljammer history made me want access to campaigning in the "old" war and the new, more advanced period.

As for the Blackmoor spaceship, I envisioned that the planet ("Mystara") has a physical existence in "our"/a "real" space universe, but the Crystal Sphere marks a barrier; it is non-tangible to outside spacecraft, but as they enter they find themselves in the wildspace of the crystal sphere; they cannot escape. The "flow" of Spelljammer fills the void between the stars in the fantasy version of space, and is only accessible when leaving a sphere. So, if you start out in a spaceship, inadvertently enter a crystal sphere (how rarely encountered in real space?), you have passed into fantasy space (for want of a better term). Now you're in a crystal sphere's wildspace, and if you leave the vicinity you enter the flow instead of the interstellar void of real space. Voila! Starship trapped in fantasy campaign! In my world history, there were other stranded space travellers, but they had less "impact" on the world! HAHAHAHAHA! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

As for the "Saurians" C&S supplement, that has to do with the ancient history of my world. It basically takes the premise that the Saurians came from another world, invaded and conquered the Bronze-Age peoples, and were referred to as the Dragon-Kings or Dragon Lords. The Saurians had a strong religion. They discovered my campaign world, believed it to be a cosmic egg of a deity, and felt that the humans etc. living on it were sacrilegious. Further the Saurians were responsible for nurturing the egg. So they led a Crusade to take control of the Egg. Much later, they came to believe that they had made a mistake; this wasn't the Egg after all! They set up a human dynasty of Dragon-Kings to rule in their stead, and left! These empires, the Saurian and human Dragon-Kings, left ruins and artifacts all over. The lizard men of standard D&D (my Ancient World campaign period) are the degenerating remnants of those Saurians left behind for whatever reasons, religious fanatics or heretics, political outcasts, pioneers and empire-builders, etc. Before they degenerated to the point of the D&D monster, a lizard man civilisation (referenced by the old JG product by Paul Jaquays, Caverns of Thracia) existed and thrived. These guys fell and left their culture to the Greek-type society I called Thracians. By the time of my Ancient World campaign, the City-State/JG timeframe, the Thracians themselves have long fallen. By the Gazetteer Era, lizard men are pathetic.


4458 BCCC/5002 Norstrilian Year
Sorting out time in Spelljammer/Titanspace

Part One: Ships

Caravel--both Old and New (Basic Set)
Galleon--both Old and New(depending on nautical advances) (Basic Set)
Coaster--both Old and New (War Captain)
Cog--both Old and New (War Captain)
Longship--both Old and New (War Captain)
Drakkar--both Old and New (War Captain)
Dromond--both Old and New (War Captain)
Great Galley--both Old and New (War Captain)

Dragonfly--both Old and New (Basic Set)
Mosquito--both Old and New (Basic Set)
Tradesman--both Old and New (Basic Set)
Squid Ship--both Old and New (Basic Set)
Hammership--both Old and New (Basic Set)
Barge of Ptah/Battle Barge--both Old and New (Lost Ships)
Cargo Barge--both Old and New (Lost Ships)
Eelship--both Old and New (Lost Ships)
Lamprey--both Old and New (Lost Ships)
Swan Ship--both Old and New (Lost Ships)
Vipership--both Old and New (Lost Ships)
Wreckboat--both Old and New (Lost Ships)
Octopus--both Old and New (Legend of Spelljammer)
Cuttle Command--both Old and New (Legend of Spelljammer)
Triop--New only (War Captain)
Damselfly--New only (Basic Set)
Shrikeship--New only (Lost Ships)
Turtle Ship--New only
Iambus--New only
Yacht--New only

Shou Lung Junk--both Old and New (War Captain)
Shou Lung Dragonship--New only (Basic Set)
Wa Locust--New only
Wa Tsunami--New only

Elven Flitters--both Old and New, except Firewinds-Old only. (Basic Set)
Elven Man-O-War--both Old and New (Basic Set)
Elven Armada--both Old and New (Basic Set)
Elven Radiant Ship--New only (War Captain)
Dragonfly--both Old and New
Hammership--both Old and New
Swanship--both Old and New
Shrikeship--New only

Dwarven Citadel--both Old and New (Basic Set)
Stoneship--New only

Halfling Swanship--both Old and New
Halfling Shrikeship--New only

Illithid Nautiloid--both Old and New (Basic Set)
Cuttle Command--both Old and New
Mammoth--both Old and New
Octopus--both Old and New
Hammership--both Old and New
Swan Ship--both Old and New
Cargo Barge--both Old and New
Illithid Dreadnought--New only
Turtle Ship--New only

Tyrant(Beholder)--both Old and New (Basic Set)
Tyrant Scout(Beholder)--both Old and New (Wildspace module)

Angelship(Kobold)--Old only (Lost Ships)
Porcupine(Goblin)--Old only (Lost Ships)
Scorpion(Orcish)--Old only (Lost Ships)
Mammoth(Ogre)--Old only (Lost Ships)
Goblin Blade/Kobold Arrow--Old only (Lost Ships)

Giff Swan Ship--both Old and New
Great Bombard--New only

Thri-Kreen Leaf--both Old and New (Skull and Crossbows)
Thri-Kreen Thorn--both Old and New (Skull and Crossbows)

Spacesea Giant Galleon--New only(War Captain/race in MC7)

Gnomish Sidewheeler--New only (Basic Set)
Gnomish Deathglory--New only (Lost Ships)
Bolaship--New only
Yawl--New only
Yawl Wagon--New only
Whelk(Illusionists)--New only

Neogi Mindspider--New only (Basic Set)
Neogi Deathspider--New only (Basic Set)
Cargo Barge((Neogi))--New only (Lost Ships)
Leech((Neogi))--New only
Urchin((Neogi))--New only

Bloatfly(Lizardmen)--New only (Lost Ships)
Turtle Ship(Lizardmen)--New only (Lost Ships)
Wasp(Lizardman design)--New only (Basic Set)
Hammership((Lizardmen))--New only (Basic Set)

Drow Jade Spider--New only (War Captain)
Drow Jade Spider Command Ship--New only (War Captain)
Drow Monarch Class Armada--New only (Basic Set)

Part Two: Races

Humans--both Old and New
Elves--both Old and New
Dwarves--both Old and New
Halflings--both Old and New
Mind Flayers--both Old and New
Arcane--both Old and New
Beholders--both Old and New
Thri-Kreen--both Old and New (see Skull and Crossbows)
Giff--both Old and New
Goblin Races: Goblins, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, Orcs and Ogres--both Old and New
Lizard Men--Old=brutish, mostly slaves of humans and mind-flayers; New includes advanced
Gnomes--Old=no Tinkers, extremely few normal; New includes Tinkers

Dracons--Old=no; New=yes
Neogi--Old=no; New=yes
Drow--Old=no; New=extremely rare
Kender--Old=no; New=extremely rare
Scro--Old=no; New=yes(but not in Titanspace)

Part Three: Titanspace

Unlike some crystal spheres, Titanspace is relatively cold. In an atmosphere envelope, temperatures are in the vicinity of 40-60. In naked wildspace, this drops to freezing(although not immediately.) Of course, approaching a fire body has much the same effect it would in reality. There is a Solar Wind from Mabon, the sun. Gravity is close to reality when convenient, i.e. unless magically altered.

There is no air in wildspace, but there are no effects of a vacuum(other than the fact that sound will not travel without air). Smoke powder will not function on Danu, but will in the remainder of the sphere.

The interior of the sphere is bronze, and aged-looking. There is no atmosphere here, and everything is at absolute zero. A rime of frost, and occasional bursts of ice crystals or vapours occur without explanation. There are rails, tracks, scales precisely-divided into units, arcane runes, and unfathomable devices, all of gargantuan proportions. There are massive Portals, iris-valves mounted in funnels or tubes 1,000' in height, with rivets the size of barns. Many are apparently not fixed in place, as the tracks or rails seem to allow for movement. There are gears, coiled springs, wound cables, levers, ratchets, flywheels and screws. Most everything is fancifully-shaped as beasts and limbs. And scattered about the inconceivably-vast surface of the sphere, are the Titans.

The Titans are perfectly-proportioned humanoids, constructed of various metals both known and unknown. They are dressed in draped metallic cloth, have hair of metal filaments, and blank eyes, eyes that show no detail, in contrast to the down-to-the-last-pore detail of the rest of their bodies. They are all beautiful, imposing, impassive, and average 100' in height. Throughout recorded history the Titans have remained impervious to and unaware of travellers. Scholars have determined that although they appear motionless, they actually move over great periods of time.

It seems that the Titans have functions to perform: turning great shafts, cranking gears, tightening cables, pushing and pulling gargantuan weights. They appear to be opening and closing the vast portals, and guiding their movement across the brazen landscape of the sphere.

Astronomers have charted and projected the locations and movements of the "stars", and with a Titanspace rudder a navigator may seek the nearest open portal between Titanspace and the Flow. It is the bright light of the Flow shining through the portals that is the source of the "stars" in the night sky of Titanspace. Note: there is no record of any means of causing any portal to open or close, nor of being able to create a new opening in the shell. The irises are in various stages of opening/closing.

The other source of "constellations" in the night sky are the fixed constellates. Another feature of the sky that may lead to confusion for navigators are the blazozoids("comets") and the gonn(which look like gas giants.)

Part Four: Overview of the Sphere

MABON: The sun, centre of the sphere. It contains a portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire, as well as to the abodes of many sun-gods, fire-gods and smithing-gods. Here may be found an efreeti domain, salamanders, a clan of sun dragons, fire elementals, and more.

THE GRAVEL CHAIN: Inhabited by rock hoppers, scavvers, kindori, asteroid spiders, star gazers, syllix, and Pirates of Gith. Very reckless prospectors come searching for precious metals. Undead, and extremely-bizarre encounters are the norm in this asteroid belt. There is usually some atmosphere on the larger bodies, and the largest have water. Several species of vines, "clingers", fruit-vines, "strangle-vines", crusher-vines, "yellow-musk vines(!)", et cetera thrive here, providing food, possible trade goods, and occasionally linking many asteroids into an extended environment of sorts. There are a few secret research bases established by both elves and goblin-kind to further the "war effort"(formally declared two years ago, in 4456 Ryan reckoning).

THE GIRDLE OF SIRENS: Its name alludes to the Allura(MC 7) who dwell here, unbeknownst to all. Home to several groups of dwarves, illithids and beholders(including the Greshtharx Nation), the Girdle is also home to bands of aperusa, pirates, prospectors, traders, trophy- and bounty-hunters, as well as a few solitary wizards and powerful beings.

Here also is the Barre Sinister, pirate hangout(Skull and Crossbows), and Hurricane Halvor's Real-Cheap Spacedock(Lost Ships).

DANU: Tiny as planets go, it is incredibly dense, rich in precious metals, magic, and divine power. It is also riddled with Goblin-kind, including many large kingdoms that have allied under the Great Orcish Emperor Kudesh, Slayer of Thousands, Grand Lord of the Fleet, and Champion of Gruumsh One-Eye. It is the Empire of Yulenda, (which means "crushing strength"), and its dread capital is Arakhan, on and under Mt. Fang, on the Bitter Sea. For these reasons, it is a focal point for much activity, and is heavily-patrolled by both goblin and elven ships. The other inhabitants of the planet, and of the sphere, are hedged out--thus the planet is often referred to as the Interdicted Planet, or the Forbidden Planet(depending on the speaker's orientation). The largest elven nations are aware of what is going on above them, and of course the goblin alliance is as well, but excepting them the vast majority of the inhabitants are in ignorance of what the sky truly holds.

SKY KING: Largest of Danu's moons, it is home to the largest elven ground installation in the system. The main city is called Norstrilia, and it is ruled by a grey elven Prince of the House of Tyrene, His Serene Highness, Lord Amahlor. Elves have used Norstrilia as a spelljamming base for at least 2,000 years, although the city is perhaps 5,000. It is in fact the year 5,002 Tyrene reckoning; war was declared in the year 5,000. It has a wide variety of environments, and monsters. There are giff, halflings, gnomes, lizard-men, dwarves, and humans(the "oriental" Empire of the Moon((refers to Danu!)), capitol is called Shu-lin, the Emperor is referred to as his Celestial Eminence, and the current Eminence is the 14th of the House of Yao), but most of the land is wilderness. The Underdark is also wilderness, although ancient ruins have been found here. Deep underground dwell the drow, unbeknownst to all.

VANIS: Burrough's Venus (include cat and wolf people, gnolls etc.), steaming jungles, tree cities, rough oceans full of sea monsters (prehistoric), and how about World's End giant rocs, and flying castles of mad overlords.

HOWLA: Burrough's Barsoom, low gravity, "air factories", six-armed green Martians, ruins, red Martian egg-layers, canals for drought, air-boats and pseudo-science, tree of life budding the intelligent races, city-states and princes, dry sea beds, desert ships.

ABALETH/THE CROWN OF LORDS: The gas giant is 50,000 miles in diameter, striped and appearing much like our Jupiter. It is made up of 500 layers, each 50 miles deep. Sunlight doesn't penetrate the first layer, but the gases in each layer glow a different colour. All layers are "breathable". The core is hot plasma at 7,500 degrees, on an essentially solid metallic core(since it is so dense). This "surface" has gravity roughly five times normal.

The first layer is a pinkish-white and rust, and rather bright. It is 70 degrees, and breezy/windy. There are rare "corallite" formations, up to a few thousand feet across, formed by "air plankton", upon which Albari(MC 7)live, as well as various avians, and rocs.

The second layer is a continual gale, with pouring rain, thunder and lightning.

The third layer is red and purple, and still relatively bright. Its "ground" is holbags, inhabited by Hadozee, and "sky palaces" created by the Xixchil(of masticated pulp). Sky scavvers are common here.

The fourth layer is one of twilight, deep blue and black. Glowing lantern-fish(as in deep-sea fish) dwell here, and bat-winged humanoids similar to succubi/incubi(blood-drinkers), living on large sperm-whales gleaming with phosphor, growing jungles on there broad backs. Light mist provides dew, and thus water. The temperature is tropical. There are winged tigers, too.

The fifth layer is inhabited by cloud giants, with castles of magically-solidified mist, and couatl.

Subsequent layers contain dragons, ki-rin, and other air-dwellers.

The core is populated by Plasmoids, Fire and Stone Giants, and Lutum.

THE CIRCLETS: The seven rings of Abaleth, they are home to prospectors, aperusa, dwarves, dragons, pirates, misfits and so forth.

  1. The Phantom Circlet is made of dust.
  2. The Ephemeral Circlet is made of gases, hallucinogenic and ultimately fatal.
  3. The Infernal Circlet is a ring of fire.
  4. The Metallic Circlet is just that, including many precious metals.("asteroids")
  5. The Barren Circlet is made up of small rocks and asteroids, with little or no air.
  6. The Living Circlet is made up of asteroids and planetoids large enough to support life. Some have atmosphere, water, plant life, and some are "farmed", or "homesteaded".
  7. The Diamond Circlet is made of ice of many different origins.

THE ROCK OF BRAL: Orbiting Abaleth beyond the seventh ring, the Rock was most recently settled by the pirate Bral 170 years ago, in 4288 Ryan reckoning. It is the largest non-elven spelljamming city in Titanspace, and the major port for those from other spheres, since Norstrilia is off-limits to most.

Part Five: Encounter Charts

A. Inner Sphere: rock hoppers, scavvers, asteroid spiders, pirates of Gith, syllix, kindori, star gazers, prospectors, undead, elven patrol, pirates, traders, adventurers, goblin-kind patrol/mission, astereater, bionid, blazozoid

B. Mid-Realm (between belts)

C. General Outer Realm

D. Danu's Vicinity

E. Abaleth's Vicinity

F. Shell Vicinity ("Shell Space")