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by Mischa E Gelman

Sphere: Matter

Rank: Novice Temporal

History: Tlazcon's father was an Azcan Ka-worshipper who was part of an underground resistance vs. the empire. His mother was a Toralai fighter who helped hide these Azcans for many years in the plains. He lived among her people for most of his life but was heavily influenced by both cultures. For a brief period, he adventured with his parents and their allies(Golorius, Shafar, Goppack, Bachiphix and Grunnhild-many of whom will be posted separately). He quickly developed into a fine fighter and helped his father achieve several small victories against the Azcan rulers, finally resulting in the death of several of the Emperor's sons. Tlazcon's last accomplishment as a mortal was to help stop the Carnifex from invading the world, for which he was granted immortality(as were 4 others).

Since achieving immortality, he has become a major student of the Hollow World, especially the Spell of Preservation. Having been raised by two cultures and being able to pick out the finest from each, he is ashamed at how few others get this chance. He has taken to arguing over this spell and many aspects of the Hollow World, especially arguing with those who made the HW what it is(Ka, Ixion, Korotiku, Ordana). They often ignore this young immortal, but do take his ideas seriously.

Followers: Tlazcon, not being the patron of a specific cause, has no followers.

Allies/Enemies: Diulanna, patron of the Neathar and of the willpower he has shown is proud of his accomplishments and attitude. The various creators of the Hollow World are mostly allies, but he argues with them as much as they argued with each other for many years before his immortality.

Symbol: A Toralai spear in front of an Azcan pyramid

Appearance: A Toralai man of average stature. He shows some signs of his Azcan parentage, but fits in perfectly in any Neathar crowd, better than many full-blooded Neathar.

Personality: Tlazcon is never afraid to speak his mind or debate over the Hollow World and how it's run. He is proud of both sides of his ancestry and does not revel in himself and his deeds, but rather those of his parents.

Stats:(most are same for each form)

STR 13

INT 11


DEX 12

CON 10

CHR 11

Greater Talents 35

Lesser Talents 31

Alignment Neutral as mortal, Lawful as Immortal

HD 20

Class Neathar Fighter, level 17(!)

PP 500

HP 66 as mortal, 100 as immortal

AC 3(shield+3) as mortal, 0 as immortal

Weapon(both forms):Spear+3

Skills possessed in mortal life: Plains Survival(11),Endurance(10),Plains Hiding(11),Hunt(11),Acrobat(12),Military Tactics(11), Forest Survival(11), Plains Stealth(12)