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Toad Giant

by John Walter Biles

The absence in Mystara of critical components of the laws of physics as known in the Dimension of Reality has enabled far more giant sized species to develop and thrive. Among them are swamp and damp-forest dwelling Giant Toads. Donít lick them.

Giant Toad, Level 2 Brute
Medium natural beast (Toad) XP 125
Initiative +3 Senses Perception +9
HP 47; Bloodied 23
AC 14; Fortitude 14, Reflex 12, Will 13
Speed 6; jump 4
m Bite (standard; at-will)
+7 vs. AC; 1d10+3 damage
M Tongue Grapple (standard; at-will)
Reach 3; +3 vs. Reflex; 1d6+3 and target is Restrained and pulled adjacent to the Toad. Treat as a normal grab for escaping.
Swallow (Minor; at-will)
Restrained foes who are Small or less may be swallowed. This renders them Stunned the first round (save ends) and they take 1d6+3 Acid damage every round until dead. A foe who throws off the stunned may use Melee attacks on the toad, but only does half damage and suffers Ė2 to hit from being cramped.
Hopping Assault (standard; Refresh 5-6)
The Toad shifts 4 and attacks: +5 vs. AC; 3d8+3 damage. This counts as a charge.
Alignment Unaligned Languages Toad
Str 17 (+4) Dex 13 (+2) Wis 14 (+3)
Con 17 (+4) Int 4 (-2) Cha 4 (-2)

Giant Toads are toads the size of a very large dog or a pony. They prey on adventurers when they canít get herbivores. They prefer Small or smaller prey, though, who they can swallow.

Rock/Cave Toad, Level 3 Controller
Medium natural beast (Toad) XP 150
Initiative +3 Senses Perception +9
HP 46; Bloodied 23
AC 17; Fortitude 15, Reflex 15, Will 15
Speed 6; jump 4
m Bite (standard; at-will)
+8 vs. AC; 1d10+3 damage
Hypnotic Gaze (standard; at-will)
Ranged 15; +7 vs. Will; target is Immobilised (save ends)
Confusing Stare (standard; Refresh 5-6)
Burst 2 within 10 squares; Allies are not affected; +7 vs. Will; target makes a basic melee attack on an adjacent ally of the toad's choice, or on himself.
Alignment Unaligned Languages Toad
Str 14 (+3) Dex 14 (+3) Wis 17 (+4)
Con 14 (+3) Int 6 (-2) Cha 17 (+4)

Rock/Cave Toads live in rocky areas and caverns, using their hypnotic gaze to draw in prey.