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Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords

by Håvard

Now I looked up the section on page 139 and it details the story of a crew sailing from the Isle of Dawn and being attacked by a Kraken. The only survivor of the shipwreck being a young boy who is washed ashore along with one of the Nine Swords (from the Book's title). "Isle of Dawn" is a fairly generic name, but with the proximity of a sea with a Kraken? I am more convinced that Mystara was in the author's mind.

There is another reference to this on page 6 where it says that one of the places Reshar, the founder of the Temple of the Nine Swords, visited in his training were the islands beyond dawn. Since this is where Reshar learned the ways of the Setting Sun which is linked to the sword mentioned on page 139, I am convinced that this is the same Isle of Dawn. "Beyond dawn" could mean Ochalea which would be very appropriate.

Finally, the Faithful Avenger sword was used against the Black Eagle Baron before given to one of the Baron's lieutenants!

Is this entire book written with Mystara in mind? No. That much is clear. Many locations are either generic or belong to settings I do not immediately recognize. Some lands feature races like Mindflayers, or Deities such as Pelor. On the other hand the book makes it clear that the influence of the Nine Swords spreads across many planes. It seems likely that Reshar travelled the planes before founding the Temple of the Nine Swords and it also seems that the Nine Swords were spread across the planes after the destruction of the Temple, as were the fighting styles associated with them.

Another possible reference to Mystara is the Shadow Hand technique and the sword Umbral Awn. This fighting style is associated with stealth. Shadow Hand is also the assassin's guild in Thyatis. Could this be the place of origin for this fighting style?

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