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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Born 20 years ago, Tolicil has led a fairly uneventful life in Oenkmar. At the age of 15, he joined the city guard, rotating between the mines and enclave bridges. He has recently been reassigned to a prison guard role, taking his new assignment in stride.
Personality: Tolicil doesn't fit the stereotype of the dumb orc or dumb guard. He isn't well-read, being illiterate, but possesses a fair amount of common sense and also enjoys trivia, specialising in unusual facts about insect life. He often lectures his prisoners on such matters, which tends to bore some to death, though others are interested. Tolicil is loyal and cannot be bribed, but he can be duped or overpowered. He believes in stabbing first and asking questions later in combat situations. The Oenkmarian authorities really don't care if a prisoner or two is killed as a result.
Appearance: At 4'2", Tolicil is a fairly typical goblin in terms of size, but is quite the runt by Oenkmarian standards. He wears chain armour that covers his great hide very well and which makes him appear bulkier than he is. Armed with a spear, this cow-faced brute is often seen with a snarling expression.
Combat Notes: He is a 2nd-level goblin. AC 5 (chain); hp 11; at 1; D 1-6 (spear, basic skill); save F3; ML 11; Al LE; S 13, I 11, W 14, D 10, Co 11, Ch 8. Languages: Oenkmarian (illiterate). General Skills: Strider Empathy 14, Labour (City Guard) 11, Insect Lore 11, Muscle 13.