Tome of Mystara Submission Guidelines

**Sorry! We are no longer accepting submissions for the Tome of Mystara.**


We gladly accept any articles relating to the play or development of the world of Mystara.

Adventures, setting expansion, new classes, skills, spells, and things of similar nature are fair game, provided they are not previously published or copyrighted by someone other than the submitting author. We can use "fixes" or expansions for current material, but we cannot make use of reworkings of copyright held items. Such things as making an existing D&D adventure suitable for use in Mystara would, unfortunately, not be acceptable.

Submit articles within the body of your email (no file attachments please!) to the address below.


Fan fiction is welcomed in the Tome. As with articles, however, use of materials that are trademarked or copyrighted by someone other than the submitting author are not an option.

For example, if your story was how Michael Moorcock's "Elric" came to Mystara, that is not something we can publish. If, however, your tale was of a thief on the run from his guild and currently laying low, we are certainly interested. Short fiction is preferred; however, serializing longer fiction is a possibility. If you intend to submit a long piece, please let us know before you send the piece. For the most part, we prefer stories to be within 2500 words or less. Exceptions to length may be made, but cannot be counted upon.

Submit fiction within the body of your email (no file attachments please!) to the address below.


We do accept unsolicited artwork. Please bear in mind that, as we are a not-for-profit venture, we do not have funds available to buy the artwork itself. We make no claims to the ownership of the artwork.

If you are interested in having your artwork appear in the Tome, please send a .gif or .jpg file attachment (no more than 150k, please!), along with a description of the piece, to the submission address below.

**We're sorry; due to cancellation of Tome of Mystara, we are no longer accepting submissions. If you have Mystara-related material, we recommend submitting it to the Vaults of Pandius.**

All submissions remain the copyright of the author/artist. We are very grateful to those who submit their works for our use, though we are unable to provide for authors' fees. Submitted material is from the true fan, for the true fan, and will not be used without the permission of the author/artist.

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