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John Thomas Calvin is a graduate of California State University - Chico, with a double major in Computer Science and Biology. Since he cannot create monsters in real life (yet), he enjoys doing it on paper. John has been playing and writing about D&D for as long as he can remember.

Giulio N. Caroletti was born in Rome, but was raised in Modena, Italy. There he tried to grow up without problems, and nearly succeeded, until he discovered women and Mystara. Unfortunately, the latter gives him more pleasure. Long rail trips through Europe gave Giulio a dangerous mental instability, but helped him discover the existence of Yog Sototh. He is now struggling with the realization that most of the spells from Call of Cthulhu don't work.

Geoff Gander is a graduate student of public administration living in Ottawa, Canada. Rumours that he is also a part-time civil servant in the same city are believed to be true. He is an avid reader of fantasy, Lovecraftian horror, and science fiction, and enjoys playing and writing for the D&D Mystara gaming world. He is particularly interested in adding new cultures to Mystara, and in detailing its history. Any connection between Geoff and his more fiendish creations is purely coincidental. Honest. Trust us.

Ariel Guerra is a mental health worker and graduate student of clinical psychology living in McAllen, Texas. However, beneath this mild-mannered exterior lies the heart of a true mega-munchkin warrior-priest. Rumor has it that if there were a way to role-play at a wine tasting, Ariel would be truly happy. Garçon, my sword!

A founding partner of Tome of Mystara, Jennifer Favia Guerra realizes that she would have completed her Master's degree years ago if she could just major in Mystara. As it is, her husband Ariel fears that future sessions with her patients will rapidly degenerate into role-playing "therapy." Jenn often wishes that Mystara could be reached like Narnia, through the back of her wardrobe - then she wouldn't have to worry anymore about finding time to write.

Scott Hertzberg is a 17 year old resident of San Jose, California, and has been role-playing for about 8 years. Although he and Meltheim are new to Mystara, the two have been adventuring side by side for the past 5 years, braving the soccer team and the school newspaper. "The Pit of Darkness" is Scott's first submission to the Tome of Mystara, yet just one of his many fantasy writings.

Carl Quaif hails from sunny England, where working as a government peon occupies his body, not his mind; that belongs in Mystara. He would like to point out that research for this month's "Tervine's Travels" involved conversations with his six sisters; it did not require the author to dress up in women's clothes - that happens for a play this April...

Thibault Sarlat is presently in his fourth year of study (in English) at the University of Arts in Bordeaux, France. He is trying to find time for his passions, which include Tolkien, D&D (mapping), the Internet (he hopes to work as a webmaster and webdesigner), and finding the prized mushroom "Cèpes de Bordeaux." This year his big project is a 60 to 80 page study on "The Virtual Worlds of J.R.R Tolkien."

Heather Siple describes herself thus: full-time mom, full-time wife, sometime free spirit, overtime exhausted!

A strange fellow who fancies himself a writer and wishes he could finish his Master's Degree so he could call himself a librarian, Kevin Turner lives with his wife in the huge state of Delaware. He's a founding member of the Tome of Mystara, and thoroughly enjoys spending lots of time in fantasy realms.

Tim Weiser studied Art at Temple University, graduated, and promptly found work in the retail field. Unable to escape its major gravitational pull, he remains at work to pay the bills while he pursues his artwork in what little spare time remains. This is his first attempt at fantasy artwork.

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