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Tome of Mystara

Issue #2

Winter 2000


Editorial Pages

A Few Words from the Editors
Submission Guidelines
Legal Stuff


Interview: The Editors of the Mystaran Almanac

Tervine's Travels, by Carl Quaif

Ye 'Ole Alehouse, by Tim Weiser

Voices of Mystara: Scott Hertzberg


Night of the Blue Sun, by John Calvin


Captain Worthmilling's Victory, by Kevin Turner


Alcohol Consumption and Intoxication, by Geoff Gander
Chardastes, by Giulio N. Caroletti
Elemental Elves, by Kevin Turner
Another Look at Darokin, by Jennifer and Ariel Guerra
A Treatise on the History of Lycanthropy, by John Calvin

Special Feature

The Wyrmteeth Gazetteer, by Giulio N. Caroletti


The Art of Tim Weiser, part 2
The Maps of Thibault Sarlat
The Photographs of Heather Siple


Poll #2: Who would you use as a villain?
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About This Issue's Contributors

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