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Sounds of the Spheres:
Mystaran Music

by Damon Alexander Brown

Tome of Mystara is pleased to bring you an innovative new field of Mystaran lore: music! These full-length songs, composed by Damon Brown, pull aside the curtain and allow us to "hear" a little piece of our favorite world. We love them, and hope that you'll clamor for more (pun intended). And so, without further adieu, Damon Brown's Music of Mystara.

"Vampyr Posnya (The Vampire Song)" is a traditional Traladaran folk song that dates back several centuries. In its original form, it is sung as a six-part round with both male and female parts.

The arrangement presented here is an instrumental variation from the operetta "Malchiska," a rare collaboration between Darokin playwright Emilio the Great and Traladaran composer Alexi Korichnyeviy. "Malchiska" chronicles the controversial life of Darine folk-hero Ilyana.

Listen to "Vampyr Posnya"

"La Glavoj de Vanja (The Swords of Vanya)" was commissioned by newly crowned emperor, Thincol Torion, in AC 960. Composed by Lucius Fortunado, it was intended as a tribute to Torion's gladitorial forces who drove the Alphatians from Thyatis City (and helped him ascend the throne) during the infamous "Spike Assault."

The march is now the official anthem of the Legions of Thyatis, as well as a personal favorite of the Emperor himself. It is also very popular at the Coliseum, normally performed before major gladitorial contests.

Listen to "La Glavoj de Vanya"

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Music and song descriptions Copyright (c) 2000, Damon Alexander Brown. All rights reserved. Used by permission. No original music by Damon Alexander Brown may be copied, recorded, stored, transferred, sold, or used in any other way, by means electronic or traditional, without the express written permission of the composer. Introduction Copyright (c) 2000, Tome of Mystara. All rights reserved.