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Tome of Mystara

Issue #3

Spring 2000


Editorial Pages

A Few Words from the Editors
Submission Guidelines
Legal Stuff


Novices and Neophytes, by James Mishler

Twilight of the Dawn, by Andrew Theisen

Tervine's Travels, by Carl Quaif

Ye 'Ole Alehouse, by Tim Weiser


Rivals of The Sun God, by John Calvin

Voices In The Dark, by Kevin Turner


The Alphatian Language, by Hervé Musseau

The Ice Gnomes, by Alan Jones

Numeral Systems of Mystara, by Hervé Musseau

Shadowy Cloaks and Silent Daggers, by Geoff Gander

Special Features

Sounds of the Spheres: Mystaran Music, by Damon Brown

The Thyatis Expansion:
by James Ruhland and Giulio Caroletti

Timeline of Thyatian History

The Thyatian Senate

A Guide to Thyatian Literature


The Art of Tim Weiser


The Maps of Thibault Sarlat

Polls and Contests

Poll #3: Most Underrated Canon NPC?

Results from Poll #2
Contest: Submit Your Character!


About This Issue's Contributors

Cover art: Luna Bella, by John Calvin

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