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A Few Words from the Editors

Well. It seems like everyone's on vacation. That's okay, it's summer. So, this summer, we present light reading.

'Nuff said.

- Kevin Turner

Seems like Kevin is short on words this time. As for me...well, you know me! :)

Welcome to Tome #4! We're very proud of this issue, despite the absences of vacationing Tervine Culver and friends. This issue's highlight is an interview with the "Father of Mystara," Aaron Allston! We hope that you enjoy.

And remember, though this summer issue is a little on the light side, next issue (#5) is our one-year anniversary! So keep those letters coming, and be sure to send in your submission query early - it'll be a great issue!

But for now, lazily enjoy your lemonade at poolside...

- Jennifer Guerra

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