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Tome of Mystara

Issue #4

Summer 2000


Editorial Pages

A Few Words from the Editors
Submission Guidelines
Legal Stuff


Twilight Of The Dawn, by Andrew Theisen

Special Feature

Interview With Aaron Allston, by Jennifer Guerra


The Swords Of Wayland, by Jens Schnabel

Aillucent's Laboratory, by John Calvin

Arentela, by Giulio N. Caroletti

Wyrmteeth Gazetteer Addendum, by Giulio N. Caroletti with John Calvin

Gate Masters, by Hervé Musseau

Prop-Making, by Kevin Turner

Polls and Contests

Poll #4: What Event Would You Like to See?

Results from Poll #3
Contest: Time to Vote!


About This Issue's Contributors

Cover art: Fighting Elf, by Tim Weiser

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