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The Swords Of Wayland, continued


This sword is a two-handed sword +2. It is made of a glittering gray metal that makes the sword look just like it was made of silver, although its' weight is no greater than a normal two-handed sword. Even so, the magical nature of the sword cannot be hidden, if someone undertakes the task of testing its strength. The handle also looks quite plain, although it is made of a green, leathery material that is in fact the hide of a troll. Other than that, the sword appears to be no different from any other unintelligent magical two-handed sword of +2 enchantment until its powers are awakened.

There are two simple conditions that must be fulfilled before the powers of this sword are awakened. First, the owner must have been in possession of the weapon for at least two months. Second, he must use the sword to draw the blood of a troll, i.e., he must successfully attack a troll. The sword will not make a character aware that this must be done, although he will feel an urge (actually the urge of the sword) to slay any troll that he encounters. None of the powers described below can be used before the sword awakens.
Once awakened, the sword becomes a bane to any troll. After awakening, the sword is thereafter a two-handed sword +4, +5 vs. trolls, and has a lawful neutral alignment, with an Ego of 17 and an Intelligence of 13.

While the sword may seem at first to have no particular strong powers against trolls (merely +5 instead of +4), it does have one extraordinary power (see below) which makes it extremely lethal to trolls.
The owner suffers a -2 penalty to any saving throw vs. Breath Weapon. As with all the Curses, this takes effect on the owner from the moment the sword is awakened.
Humanoid Detection:
This sword will glow with a pale white light whenever a humanoid of the seven goblinoid races other than trolls (bugbears, goblins, gnolls, hobgoblins, kobolds, ogres, orcs, or any subspecies) are within 40 feet of the sword. The owner can command the sword not to do so, although the power will then go dormant until the owner orders it to function again.
Specific Detection:
Whenever this sword comes within 100 yards (300 feet) of a troll, it will immediately begin glowing with a gloomy green color, and the owner will hear a subtle whistle in his ears, although this sound cannot be heard by anybody else. These effects cannot be stopped unless the sword is taken beyond the range at which it can detect trolls.
Extraordinary Powers:
This sword has several potent powers. First, the damage that this sword inflicts upon an opponent cannot be regenerated. Naturally, those opponents that have the ability to regenerate damage as a natural ability (trolls in particular, of course) will quickly realize this and fear the weapon, and the DM should therefore consider rolling a morale check with a -4 penalty for such creatures as soon as they realize that they cannot regenerate the damage caused by this sword. If this is passed, however, the likely consequence is that these creatures will concentrate all of their attacks against the character wielding the feared weapon. The only way that damage done by this weapon may be healed is through magical healing.

Second, this sword also has the extraordinary ability to teleport to its owner's hand when its name, Lortl, is spoken. This power can be used only twice per day, but has no chance of error and can travel any distance (unless prevented by magic or similar restrictions as determined by the DM). As soon as the owner speaks the sword's name and holds out his hands, the sword instantly teleports to his hands. However, if the sword has fallen into the hands of an individual who knows and has spoken its name and possessed the sword for more than three hours, it will not teleport to the original owner, though he may seek to retrieve it by conventional means before it goes dormant again after three full days. Note that if the owner drops or loses his sword for some other reason, he can use this power to instantly return it to his hands. Retrieving the sword in this manner has an initiative penalty of only +1, which is cumulative with any other bonuses or penalties to initiative, and the owner can instantly attack with the sword. For example, the owner of this sword could begin a combat round unarmed, speak the sword's name while holding out his hands, and then strike with it without affecting the number of attacks normally allowed to him with the weapon during the round.

Third, the sword lowers its speed factor by 2, cumulative with the bonuses from being magical. Since the sword is already +4 (awakened) this lowers the two-handed sword's Speed Factor of 10 to 6, but this power lowers it another 2 points to only 4 (a character using the sword tho-handed with the two-handed weapon style specialization (Combat & Tactics, p. 77) would lower this another 3 points to a speed factor of only 1).
This sword also has the power to discover the whereabouts of Bilgon, the First Sword of Wayland. If Lortl senses that its owner wishes to find Bilgon, it will make him aware that he must first discover the name of the First Sword. Once this has been done, the owner must wait until midnight of the next full moon, at which time he must sacrifice some gift to Wayland. Wayland will then give him a clue based on the value he considers the gift to have. Naturally, this can be done only once a month.
The history of Lortl suggests that the sword has been taken all over the known world of Mystara. An old Traladaran tale of modern Karameikos claims that a sword similar to Lortl was used during the wars between the Traldar people (the bronze age ancestors of the Traladarans of Karameikos) and their Beastmen enemies around 1,000 BC. Later, it is said that the sword was used by humans from modern Sind against the hordes of orcs and other humanoid monsters that plagued the land in the first century AC. Little is then known of the sword, except that it is said that human settlers brought it with them to the lands later known as Wendar and then used it against the hordes of orcs that raided into the lands from nearby Denagoth and then attacked the humans and elves that lived there.

A famous tale of the Northern Reaches claims that Lortl was wielded by Brynjolf Ragnarson who used the sword against the numberless amounts of trolls in the eastern hills of what was later to be Vestland. This obviously quickly led him to discover its powers and the sword became famous and is known as "Trollbane" or "Trollfoe" in Vestland. When Vestland later became involved in a war for independence against Ostland, Brynjolf allied with Ottar the Just and fought by his side during the Battle of Bridenfjord in 614 AC when Vestland won their independence of Ostland. The sword is said to have been a deciding factor in the victory of the Vestlanders. However, the sword was later lost when Brynjolf did not return from a raid.

A doubtful rumor also claims that a group of dwarves carried the sword with them into Glantri in search of gold around 800 AC, but this rumor is usually denied. Another rumor claims that a Hattian warrior named Dietmar Blofield brought the sword with him and then used it to help the Hattian invaders conquer the Heldann Freeholds, which are now called the Heldannic Territories. This rumor is considered far more likely by most scholars. Even so, some sages believe that Lortl is actually also the silver-sword of Sir Magnus, the famous and heroic Thyatian knight. Unfortunately, this rumor cannot be confirmed either, owing to the well-known fact that Sir Magnus disappeared, and obviously died, mysteriously in 989 AC.

Rumors of the Swords

Here are a number of stories that are being told about the Swords of Wayland all over Mystara. If the swords are used in a campaign, the powerful archmages and high priests of the world will inevitably have heard about them, and it is even possible to encounter common folk who have heard some of the ghastly and wonderful stories that are being told about the swords.

The PCs can pick up on the following rumors just about anywhere, as desired by the DM:

The Legend of the Eighth Sword

Despite being denied by a number of archmages, persistent rumors would have it that there is in fact an eighth sword of Wayland, that has so far escaped the notice of the archmages of Mystara, and that this sword might enhance the powers of uniting the swords even further. This sword is said to be named Dolbok (kobold).

Of course, various archmages and some high priests have frequently used powerful magic to either confirm or deny the existence of such a sword, and as far as anyone knows, their research has apparently always revealed either nothing or that there is no such sword. However, the persistent rumors of the eighth sword seems to make them wonder just the same.

In truth, however, there is no eighth sword. The idea of an eighth sword (and its name) was thought up by Symdulym, one of the almost numberless Alphatian wizard apprentices who have at one time or another studied under Terari, the head-master of the University of Air Magics in Sundsvall, the Imperial Capital of Alphatia (naturally, before the destruction of Sundsvall, and later Alphatia itself, at the end of 1009 AC).

One day, Symdulym overheard Terari make a remark about the Seven Swords of Wayland to a fellow archmage interested in the topic, and then conducted his own research of the swords in the immense library of the University of Air Magics, where he worked as a clerk.

Eventually, he made up the joke (and name) of the Legend of the Eighth Sword. However, it would seem that the joke has turned against him somewhat. If Symdulym had ever heard some of the stories that are being told about the Eighth Sword, he would not have recognized his own joke! (Sadly, Symdulym was among the many people of Sundsvall who were killed when the city was utterly destroyed towards the end of 1009 AC).

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