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A Few Words from the Editors

Welcome to another fun-filled issue. We've managed to survive an entire year! Let's hear it!

It's good to see such a steady commitment from the readers and the contributors. Keep it up, folks. Mystara only lives as long as we love it.

- Kevin Turner

Welcome to the first annversary issue of Tome of Mystara!

When the Tome began in mid-1999 as a vague idea for a print fanzine, we had no idea where that idea would take us. Now, a full year after the publication of our first (online) issue, I feel that we have a good idea of the true vitality of the Mystara setting. The submissions of our loyal authors have proven to be nothing but the best in new setting expansion, adventures, short fiction, and magic. Plus, we've been gifted with exceptional artwork, maps, and even music! Clearly, Mystara is far from a "dead" world!

We have had other, darker lessons this year as well. We have learned that twin threats stand poised to strike at this continued vitality. Those threats are intolerance and apathy. Intolerance for versions of our favorite game world which deviate from published "norms." And - worse - apathy which some people have toward developing the world on their own.

We strive with every issue of the Tome to combat these ills. Intolerance is taboo in our pages, as our regular readers know; we feel strongly that by accepting all views of Mystara as equal, we can help our world to endure. Apathy is a more difficult monster to conquer. Every issue, we must fight to get readers' letters or comments. Are we giving you what you enjoy? Are we falling short? Is there a particular article you liked or hated? Sometimes, nothing seems to elicit comments.

And so, I have vowed, in this second year of Tome of Mystara, our goal shall be to draw lovers of Mystara from their dread Apathy. For this is one monster which can be slayed with naught but a "pen."

- Jennifer Guerra

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