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Tome of Mystara

Issue #5

Fall 2000

Anniversary Issue


Editorial Pages

A Few Words from the Editors
Submission Guidelines
Legal Stuff


Twilight Of The Dawn: Chapter 3, by Andrew Theisen


The Dark Shire, by Geoff Gander

MyMiCS: Mystaran Mass Combat System, by Adrian Matthias

Tomes for the Tome: Magical Books, by Jens Schnabel

Faith and Worship in Darokin, by Erik Waddell

Ice Gnomes Expansion, by Alan Jones

Psikrows, by Giulio Caroletti

Special Feature

Mercies' Auction House Winter Preview, by Laszko van Kessel

Polls and Contests

Character Contest: And the Winner Is...

Poll #5: Most Memorable Mystaran Moment

Results from Poll #4


About This Issue's Contributors

Cover art: Grab the Tome!, by John Calvin

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