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Mercies Auction House Winter Preview

by Laszko van Kessel

Mercies Sneak Preview

Mercies Auction House is a Darokin City based auction house. Click on one of the small images to get a better look and a short description of the items that will be auctioned this winter.

Wereboar Fur Coat

Wereboar Fur Coat

This coat is made from the fur of wereboars. It not only gives the necessary warmth in the winter, but also protects the wearer against various effects of the dreaded lycanthropy curse.

The coat is one in a series created by a group of mages from Soderfjord. After several attacks by werewolves and seawolves, the jarl of Borkmark ordered all mages in his jarldom to start preparing protection against this curse. All residing and visiting magic users were expected to contribute, or were expelled from the jarldom. The group of mages, soon known as the Furtrappers, took a heavy toll fighting the werecreatures. After some years they found a way to collect the furs and enchant them with powerful spells, to make them effective. For each kind of werecreature that was prowling the lands of Borkmark, three furcoats were enchanted. All of them were used by the jarl and his family, except for one kind, the wereboar coats. Somehow the jarl never thought it was useful to wear them. So the coats found their way out of the Northern Reaches. Sages know that at least one of these wereboar coats is in possession of a Selenican merchant. And one will be on sale this winter at Mercies Auction House.

Hunting Falcon

Hunting Falcon

This beautiful bird of prey is one of the best hunting falcons on Mystara. Prince, as the falcon is called, is a delight to see and he catches his prey with an unparalleled grace. To go hunting with Prince is unforgettable and you are sure you can eat the best grouses, doves and ducks at the end of the day.

The falcon was amongst the hunting birds of the King of Karameikos himself. As a token of friendship the king gave Prince to the lovely lady Oxana, a very popular figure at the court of King Karameikos. The king told Oxana that her grace always reminded him of Prince. Last year however, the queen of Karameikos accused Oxana of being the mistress of the king. To prove her innocence she was forced to give away everything the king had given her. The lord chamberlain didn't want to embarrass the king and queen any further by keeping Prince at the court, so he sold the bird to Mercies Auction House.

Hulean Battle Standard

Hulean Battle Standard

This battle standard was conquered on the Hulean invasion forces that ravaged Darokin during the war.

The standard was the sign of the extremely fanatical group of warriors called the Black Cloud by the besieged Darokinians. These elite Hulean fanatics were always the first to attack. The Black Cloud was the first on the walls of Akorros and almost single-handedly took Akesoli. The siege of Darokin City however was their doom. During the battle for the walls of Darokin City, the Huleans were decimated. But all Black Cloud warriors fought on tirelessly. Only after their battle standard was conquered by the Darokinians was their fighting power broken; all the Black Cloud warriors were killed. After the battle, a Darokinian citizen took the battle standard home. He tried to sell the standard to the City Council, but strangely enough they were not interested.

Mercies Auction House has gone to great lengths to get ahold of this important relic of the war. Besides its historical value, it also gives off traces of magic. We will try to determine the true nature of the magic during the coming months.

Mercies Auction House

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Copyright (c) 2000, Laszko van Kessel. Used by permission. All rights reserved.