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Exploring the Ruins of Torkyn Falls

by Håvard

Torkyn Falls was a Gnome settlement in the region which today is the Wendarian Mountain range in Glantri. It was destroyed by Dragons in the 490s AC.

From the thread about Gnome Settlements on Mystara we have the following:

Torkyn Falls (Ruins)
Location: Glantri
Population: 0 (Earth Gnome Ruins)
Source: Dragonlord Trilogy
Comments: This would be a great adventure location. What artifacts may have been left behind?

I think the Falun Caverns (see Gaz7) could be a good model to see what a Gnome settlement on Mystara might look like. The ruins of Torkyn Falls seem to have been left abandoned since the Flaem attack.

In order to make this an interesting adventure location, I think it needs some big secret. I think the most likely thing these ruins could hide is a Blackmoor device. We know from PC2 and CM4 Earthshaker that Gnomes are interested in Blackmoor relics and that they have been able to restore them to such a level that they can be used as intended or modified into whatever purposes the Gnomes might have in mind like powering the Flying City of Serraine or the Earthshaker(s). We also know that even not counting the Radience, there were several Blackmoor devices in the Glantri/Brokenlands region, several of which were accidentally destroyed by elves around BC1700. One or several Blackmoor devices left in Torkyn Falls would have been good enough reason for Gnomes to settle there. They could also have moved smaller devices to this location. The presence of water falls nearby could also suggest that the Gnomes tried to use the water, either to cool off the devices or perhaps to produce some effect involving water?

Question: What does this device do?

I could see tons of traps and constructs, similar to the Dwemer ruins of Skyrm, which is also why I selected the image as an illustration. Perhaps monsters would also have snuck in. What monsters would be appropriate? Kobolds are a classic of course as are Gremlins. Now, if say the Gnomes were trying to use the devices to open portals to other planes etc, perhaps also planar monsters could have found their way here?

Gnomes hire adventurers to try to reclaim Torkyn Falls. The adventurers might also have to deal with Glantri bureaucracy and trying to keep the Glantrians from blocking such a venture from the Gnomes.

Do you have other ideas for this location?