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Originally Posted by Geogrere Ziacara

One thing I did notice though; they changed the names of two of the clans for some reason. The original were-elk, hawk, tiger and sea turtle. Now they're-ape, tiger, boar and sea turtle. Not sure if there is a rationale or if it was just change for the sake of change. Minor point I know, but something I noticed.

There was indeed a rationale. I overheard Erik and James talking about just this thing (okay, so I would eavesdrop whenever they started talking about "Torrents of Dread" or simply used the word "dread" in a conversation).

The original Isle of Dread is set in an archipelago down in the tropics of the Known World. Now, while there might be the occasional hawk that lives in the tropics of our own planet, there generally aren't elk. Elk being more of a cooler-climate animal, that naming reference seemed more than a little out of place in the tropics. So the good gents at Dungeon decided to make the clans climate-consistent and gave them the names as they appear in issue #114.

So there you go. For the sake of verisimilitude were the names changed.

Mike McArtor
Assistant Editor
Dragon Magazine