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Tortle subraces

by Håvard

Tortle Ancestors

These are ancient breeds who are preserved in the Hollow World, even though a few individuals may have survived on the outer world given their incredibly long lifespans.

The Giant Thanegioth Tortle is all but extinct on the outer world. These ogre sized Tortles posess massive strength and their shells can withstand incredible damage. The Giant Thanegioth Tortles are also very wise creatures and extremely long lived. A few individuals have been spotted near the Thanegioth Archipelago, but most are now only found in the Hollow World. There are rumors that one such Tortle still lives in the City of Dunwick on the Savage Coast.

These Tortles are easily recognized for the horns protuding from their foreheads as well as spiked shells and a club-like tail.They are now only found in the Hollow World. Some are allies of the Azcans and follow the ways of Atzanteotl.

Land Tortles

This is the most commonly encountered type of Tortle.

Sometimes called desert Tortles, these Tortles are found all over the Savage Coast. Most commonly in the lands of Zul. Most are simple farmers, but some have studied mystic arts and become incredibly competent warrior monks.

These tortles live near rivers and often build small floats to travel. Most of these Tortles are fishermen and gatherers. They have adapted the ways of the people of Athruagin and many follow Ahmanni Turtlerider as their Immortal patron. Their weapons and equipment is also usually of the style of the Athruagin, including feather ornaments being popular. In the Hollow World, River Tortles are sometimes found near the lands of the Azcan Empire and the Lands of the Oltecs.

Davanian Mud Tortles live near muddy rivers and lakes. They can be found in all corners of the continent of Davania. They are usually mudfarmers and fishermen and live in huts constructed from mud and straw. Davanian Mud Tortles also have some very powerful Shamans and Clerics among their numbers. The warriors usually fight with spears. They have earned a grudging respect from the Simbasta.

Sea Tortles

These Tortles are numerous, but mostly found in the sea or in coastal regions. Sea Tortles are similar to other Tortles, but have a much greater swimming ability and can survive under water for hours.

These easy going tortles enjoy life and spend most of their time relaxing in the water. They are friendly to most races. Many are found in the waters near Ierendi. The Green Sea Tortle Crush and his son Squirt are a common sight near the Sunlit Sea and are well known to the Kna traders of the region.

These Sea Tortles have darker skin. They are best recognized by their lack of a hard shell. They shell is instead made up of a leathery skin, giving them a lower AC bonus than that of most other Tortles. They are often seen hunting Giant Jellyfish. Leatherback Sea Tortles are found in the waters off the coast of Sind and around the Pearl Islands. Many Pearl Islanders have Leatherback Sea Tortles as their companions.

These Sea Tortles are known to explore the deep oceans. They are often found anywhere in the Sea of Dread. They are recignized by their beak-like mouth. Due to their diet, these Tortles are also able to produce a glow from their skin, similar to that of a light spell.

These are some of the largest sea tortles known except for the Ancestor Tortles. They are easily recognized by their large eyes and ofte found in the open seas outside of Norwold. Their heads range in color from a yellow-orange to a reddish brown, while their torsos are typically pale yellow. They are natural enemies of crabfolk.

Terrapin Tortles

These Tortles are in many ways similar to sea tortles, but prefer brackish waters and often come up on land.


Snapper Tortles

Snappers are a nasty bunch of aggressive Tortles with a nasty bite. Many serve Entropic Immortals.