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The Two Silver Palaces

by Håvard

The Silver Palace of Haven
Haven was the capital created by Traldar, he who lead his people from Nithia into the Traladara region, a people who later took his name becoming the Traldar. The great Traldar in his wisdom, knew that his people would be tormented by plague and famine and eventually revert into a primitive state. This, the Wizard-Priest had foreseen in his dreams. But he also hoped that his people would again rise from this misery and barbarism and become a greater civilisation at the end of their trials. To ensure this Destiny, Traldar constructed Haven, and within it the Silver Palace to be a fortress of wisdom and knowledge for future generations.

During the Gnoll invasions of Traladara, Halav rediscovered the Silver Palace in Traladara, and offered the possession of it to Oberon, King of Faerie, in return for aid in the battle against the Gnolls. The Second Silver Palace remained unaffected by this.

The Silver Palace of Gulluvia
At this time, a second Silver Palace appeared in a distant land on a Great Plateau to the Northwest of Traladara. The Immortal Chardastes, believed by some to be none other than Traldar himself, is attributed with the creation of the Second Silver Palace. It is believed that this was to replace the first one that was lost to the Traladarans to ensure that his true purpose of the Silver Palaces would not be lost; that to be the Key to future Traladaran Greatness. Some believe that Traldar was offended by Halav's trading away of the Haven Palace which would explain why Chardastes is not affiliated with the Traladaran Three.

Others believe that the Second Silver Palace has a different purpose. They believe that the second Silver Palace is not for the people of Traladara but for their cousin Boldavians of Glantri. The Boldavians currently live under Undead Tyranny, but perhaps they have not been forgotten by Traldar, the ruler of their ancestors.

The official rulers of the Silver Palaces and the lands surrounding them, Haven and Gulluvia have always been the Silver Princesses. This title was given to the rulers of the Palaces by Traldar himself. The current rulers of the Silver Palaces are Princess Argenta of Haven and Princess Silwia of Gulluvia (though Gulluvia is no longer in Princess Silwia's possession).

The Keys to the Future
What are these Keys to the Future that the Palaces are supposed to hold? Within the Silver Palaces are found the most complete collections of Traldaran History and knowledge back to the days when they were a Tribe affiliated with Nithia. Thus, the Palaces may also hold forbidden knowledge of that mystical Empire. The Palace was also home of many powerful Traldar artifacts, the Eyes of Traldar among others.