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A Thothian Myth

by Peter Balazs

In the dawn of time amidst the Chaos there was only the ocean. She carried the name Nun. She was disturbed as an egg floated to the surface the sea. It opened and Ra, the father of all, stepped forth. Ra beget many, many children, Shu's and Tefnut's names are still known. These newborn gods were lifted up to become the atmosphere and clouds. Like Ra, they quickly brought forth their own children - Geb, who formed the solid earth, and Nut, who became the stars and the night sky and many, many others. Ra was pleased with his work, and was master of them all.

But out of The Void, in which Ra conceived Creation came The Old One, to devour Creation. Ra and his children battled The Old One, but she was more powerful than all of them. Many gods were consumed by The Old One, who feasted upon their lives and undid their creation. One of the Second Unknown gave Ra the idea to imprison The Old One in a Golden cage, giving her the impression that she has devoured everything existing. Ra saw the wisdom in this plan and sent out his children to battle The Old One again. But for this plan to succeed, Ra changed it and unknown to the others had to put Creation in a cage, to separate it from the void and The Old One. This plan succeeded, but many gods died or were undone and so only five were still existing.

Sometimes through the holes in the cage's wall, the gods heard the moans of the Dead Gods out of the Void. The gods, not knowing if these are ghosts, traps or their real brothers and sisters now in the void, not existing any more but still there, tried to fill the holes while weeping. The water out of the godsī eyes created a new sea. The things filling out the holes in the cage was transformed by being into contact with the Void and Creation and transformed to something other.

The gods felt very alone now, so many tried to create lesser beings, plants, animals or others, other immortals tried to procreate. After some time Geb and Nut later had children of their own. They had three sons by the names Set, Osiris, and Horus, as well as two daughters, Isis and Nephythys. In an effort to stop them from producing many children without his permission, Ra ordered Shu to move between Geb and his sister, breaking their embrace and preventing the creation of any additional gods. Although there were later to be numerous other gods created, none of them could claim Geb and Nut as their parents.

After Eons one of the Lost came back, mad and angry. Nobody saw him returning, but many claim he came back amidst worms, spiders and other vermin, which followed his very thought. They also say, but don't dare to speak about it, that he has seen Death, as she truly is, and fell in love with her. His only wish is to return to her. And so his name is now known as allegory for death and destruction.