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The Lords of Norwold - The Yellow Rose

by Jeff Daly

T gently held his head. The noise last night from the crowd upstairs had been overwhelming. He supposed the group had been attempting some sort of music but, the sounds that pounded through floor had not much resembled anything artistic.

He arose, stretched, and headed downstairs to the first floor of "The Happy Hamster" where he met Fiona.

"Sleep well?" She asked.

"Not at all. Blasted locals were having a party or something. You?"

"I had a very restful sleep. But then, Diego suggested at the last minute that I join him and the others at the Salty Orster."

T scowled suspiciously.

The two of them joined Caine, Aligorum, and Diego out in the street. The 5 of them seemed to be the only inhabitants of the town, as the fishermen had left before the sun's rising to ply their trade.

Thus when the soldiers came, Halav's Avengers knew who they were looking for.

"I am Jord, Captain of the Guard for Helskir. The city is honoured that such illustrious folk as yourself have come to visit. Admiral Zaar respectfully requests your presence at his home that he may welcome you properly."

Count T turned and asked no one in particular, "I suppose we can't respectfully refuse..?"


Admiral Zaar's home was fairly spartan in appearance. The wooden wall being built around it would go a long way to making it more defensible. Just to the north of the town, the house had been built on a small jutting peninsula on an overlooking hill.

The carriage stopped and deposited the lords of Norwold. The guards ushered them into the dining room where the admiral awaited them. He was a large man dressed in fine bright silver chainmail with furs and a deep red cloak.

He shook hands with his guests and proclaimed, "It is good to meet you! I trust your journey was in comfort?"

Count Diego shrugged and Count T nodded.

"Good! Good! Please, have a seat. I do hope you have not breakfasted yet."

"As a matter of fact," T began.

"No we haven't," Aligorum answered quickly, while licking her sharp, white teeth.

"Most excellent."

The scrambled eggs and smoked salmon was quite good, and the wine was excellent.

After breakfast Admiral Zaar spoke again, "I have something special planned for you. I hope you don't mind. I am given to understand that boar hunts, and hunting in general, are a sport in Norwold. I understand that lords and ladies are often welcomed with a hunt and therefore that is what I have prepared. A boar hunt!"

"Ah, well, we..." T began.

"Fear not! I have prepared the horses and the spears. I have taken the liberty of asking the kind merchant who is ferrying you, to wait till tonight to disembark. You are not on any particular timeframe are you?"

"Ah, well, no," T said carefully, "But, ah, you do realise that, um, well we understand that relations between Norwold and Helskir have not always been..."

Admiral Zaar looked at T in shock, "Speak no more of it! The way I see it, we colonial powers should stick together."

He placed a hand on his own lips, "I speak not treason of course. I merely mean that we are stronger together, and should not bicker."

"Exactly my feeling." T said.

"And therefore we should celebrate with a hunt!"