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The Lords of Norwold - The Hunt

by Jeff Daly

"Am I gripping the spear correctly, Norwold lords?"

Admiral Zaar's question was obviously intended to be polite. His grip was that of a practised huntsman.

Count T sat sulking upon his horse as he watched the rest of the group lining up at the edge of the clearing. He did not really want to be here. He wanted to be on the road--or on the sea rather. But he could see no polite way out of this precious boar hunt!

Admiral Zaar had sent his men to the far side of the forest to flush out the game.

Suddenly, the shrubbery erupted as a huge squealing form came crashing out of the bushes. Diego took a stab at it but missed. At the same time the group heard a startled cry from T.

Two men in leather were upon him and stabbing at him with daggers. T clutched at a wound in his throat.

Three mages appeared in various spots at the clearing and began casting. Aligorum grabbed Caine and dragged him toward the thieves. A pressure on his arm alerted him to when they were in range.

Caine took his spear and thrust it forward and back. He spun and caught the blade of one of the thieves against the mid area of the spear.

Diego let fly a bolt of plasma from his outstretched hand. T's eyes widened as the bolt struck the boar, killing it.

T fumbled for his wand and brought it to bear at one of the mages. Releasing the magic, a blast of lightning seared the masked, flame-robed mage.