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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Protector of the Unlucky and Losers, Patron of Perseverance
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 8th (Temporal), CG, Thought
Symbol: a candle that lights shines in the darkness (the hope that doesn’t die from the adversity of life)
Portfolio: perseverance, cleverness, sacrifice, unlucky individuals, losers, anarchy
Worshipped in: Bellissaria, Alatian Islands
Appearance: a middle-aged human, short and sinewy (1.60m by 45kg), with a dark complexion, ebony coloured hair and eyes and a penetrating look.
History: during his mortal life Tourlain was at large in the criminal underworld until he became the respected head of the Guild of Thieves of East Portage (in the Isle of Dawn), a position he kept until, at the end of the III century AC, when he discovered the way for becoming Immortal. At this point he abandoned his life and left in search of a patron. During his climb of the rough slope of the Tower of Death, falling every test that he had been given, and when he arrived at the top of the peak he was certain that he wouldn’t gain an audience with those that presided over the summit. But the Eternal of Thought, Tyche, was of the opposite view and accepted with pleasure of helping in his attempt of achieving Immortality. Tourlain must firstly recover the Feather of Fidias, a pen that allows its owner of writing in any language and of being able to put directly onto paper the thoughts of who held it. After this research lasting years, Tourlain was the person in charge of finding and destroying a sword of destructive and harrowing powers, that was in the possession of a great fighter, the unmerciful pirate Hrothgar. In the first attempt Tourlain almost lost his life, and therefore started the attack again with a different strategy: using subterfuge and guile was thus in a position to make the sword’s owner destroy it himself. Returning to his birth city, he adopted an orphan and placed him in his profession, succeeding after several years to take the position of Tourlain as head of the guild of thieves. When his patron appeared again, he told Tourlain that to complete his journey he must move a mountain. Firstly demoralised by the impossible task, Tourlain however collected himself and refound his vigour as soon as he gave birth to an eccentric plan for satisfying his patron. After seven years, with the help of some trusted mages and powerful enchanted items, Tourlain was finally in a position to remove an entire mountain from the Bellissarian coast to the sea, and in that moment knew he had become Immortal.
Personality: Tourlain is an astute and able individual, without however being unfaithful or dishonest, seeing that he has always been a person on which you are able to count and faithful to his friends. He loves to face his problems, constantly attempting to find the way of quickly overcoming or in alternative manner any obstacle, and urge his followers to never surrender in the face of difficulty and of surviving their hardships in view of the final objective. Tourlain has an extremely individualistic and chaotic personality, he has no love of rules or order, preferring anarchy and the constant freedom of varying his path to his liking. He is the patron of all those that, still fail or despite the accident-prone, continue to hope and to persevere in their intent, using guile or devious and alternative ways. He is a protégée of Tyche together with Raven, who represents his opposite (the eternal fortunate), and is a faithful ally of Korotiku, who appreciates his style of thinking.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Tyche]
Allies: Tyche, Korotiku
Enemies: none (spirited rivalry with Raven)
Alignment of followers: Neutral or Chaotic
Favoured weapon: none (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +1 to Intelligence, +2 bonus on one Charisma based skill (not free)
Domains: Thought, Chaos, Good, Will
Preferred weapon: small club
Source: IM2