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Teleport Ward

by Robin

9th level Evocation spell.

Range: City Limits
Duration; 1 Year
Casting Time: 9 rounds per 100 feet city wall (not counting the walking time inbetween.)+1 hour
Effect: Creates a sphere teleport/transport barrier
Save: None
Components; 1 living Herald, A living bard/minstril or cleric, City song, and for each 100 feet City wall; 1 city Heraldry shield, 1 oz. , 1 drop of Pure Water, 1 spark of Energy, 1 oz. Vampire dust (or goo from other destroyed undead), a wind strength of no less than 3, and 50 gp of gold or lead powder.

A Teleport ward belongs to the most powerful spells a caster can ever have. It is never found on a scroll( since it canít be written down and contain the magics), but must be cast following the exact routines the Glantrian Mages used inventing the spell. Only Mages with an Intelligence of 18 (or greater) can cast the spell successfully.

This spell can only be used when at least 1 Herald is used in the casting of this spell. The Herald will suffer no harm, but his/her knowledge and own personal herald magic is used for the spel. The herald can use no Herald magic for 1 week after the spell is cast. For each Herald more this penalty is reduced by 1 day (to a minimum of 1 day at best), but is used for all heralds attending.
Further needed is one shield of Heraldry created by the Herald(s) for each 100 feet of city wall barriers covered. These walls may be incomplete, breached, or very low (a row of stones will suffice), and both wall and shield are in fact a major component of the spell. These shields may be relief stones of no less than 6x6 inches surface area. Gates and portals are marked by two of these heraldry shields on a long pole. Any special locations (destination areas of the teleport) are marked with similar poles. The major roads to the city are marked with stones every 10' on either side for a minimum of 20' from the city walls.
The other components are spread over the shield by the caster and are consumed by the spell, while mumbling his incantations. He/she must then walk to the next segment and continue, when the final segment is cast upon, a final 1 hour ritual made by the caster, the herald(s), at least one bard or minstril that sings the city song or ballad during this ritual. The bard/minstril may be exchanged by a reigning cleric of the dominant feith, but then a hefty prayer is needed instead a song.The Magic binds, the song, heraldry, elemental components and magical power together creating an invisible (except by Treusight and Second Sight) barrier.
Neither the bard, minstril or cleric will be affected by the spell.(exceopt becoming tired by the long ritual)
When the spell is finished a golden(or grey if lead is used) glow will momentarily appear over the city.
This is often the start of a great feast for the inhabitants. As thus it is often combined with a major local holiday.

The barrier walls 10' outside the city walls where the spell is cast upon.
Any teleportation will function normally, except when passing the teleport ward.
Any Teleport, Seek the Traveller, Teleport any object,Teleport without awareness, Transport through..., Flight of Spells, Spell door, A summon one dares not deny, Dimension door, Transport through... spell will become subject to the warding spell effects.(these spells can be found in the Rules Encyclopedia, Boxed rulebook sets, Glantri Kindom of Magic, and The Gazetteer of Alphatia and Thytis.)

The Teleport in or out of the city is always Failed, Subject returned to exact location of origin, or depending on caster, He/she may choose another effect (depending on level of the caster at moment of casting) or an effect belonging to a lower casting level, but this often depends on the ruler/council of the city;

21+ Teleport random out of the maximum 10'/ caster lvl from the city border
22+ teleport random 10'/ caster lvl at the moment of casting out of the one of the main roads. (this effect is also limited by the distance the Heraldry road stones are placed. Of the caster is 23rd level and the stones go only to 50 feet from the walls, then the arrival will be ther instead. If the city uses these stones much further away, they lose their magicx link, and the arrival will point will be 230' from the city walls
25+ teleport out of the a specific (specially marked) location beyond 100' but within 10'/lcaster vl .(often with a guard house)..this can be a cell.
27+ teleport out of the 25+ but also wiping away memorized spells.
29+ teleport out of the 25+ or 27+ but also but all belongings somewhere else (including armor, clothing, weapons etc...mentioning was in an opposite guard house on the other side of the city for both persons and stuff)
31+ teleport out of the 25+ and 4 but also but all belongings somewhere else (including armor, clothing, weapons etc...mentioning was in an opposite guard house on the other side of the city for both persons and stuff)

Transport through spells will simply fail and return the caster to the beginning source, when the medium to transport through is not available in the area as determined by the caster. example Transport through trees. when there is no tree of the same kind as stepped in desination area (which could be a cell), the caster of this cell appears on his starting point.

All Cities of the Known world, Alphatia, Savage Coast, Norwold, Dawn with at least 100.000 inhabitants will have this ward. Several smaller but wealthy cities will have it too.
This spell needs a city heraldry to be cast upon, as thus it can't be used for castles and other locations. It can't be cast underwater or under ground, but the effect extents underground and underwater too.

This spell is for sale by the Great School of Magic for 10.000 gp to ruling councils or rulers of cities only. And is delivered in a specially warded 15"x10"x3" book making it readible (and as thus enabling to study it) by a single designated mage only.

To make this clear, even the Glantrians do not have methods of breaching this effect other than a wish. However, they do know its limits.
The only Teleport system that does work through the Teleport Ward is the Teleport System of Arcane Teleporters and Towers.
Main office; 333 Raknar Garden, Glantri - city.
This system is actually imbedded in the Teleport ward spell to function as normally as possible.
Any city may decide to break the agreement with Glantri and place a Heraldry sign in this location to even ward this off, however, this is rarely done due politics and commerce. Mostly this is done only temporarily (and the Glantrians then know when and why)due politics, commerce, war, dangers, holidays, religion, etc.
This system teleports single individuals or objects to a set arrival location (which is often in or next to a guard house/taxoffice)
Reservation needed. Any major city and many towns in the Known World. Including Dawn, Sundsvall and Norwold.
Any mishaps are at own risk. Locations are Exact Knowledge to the teleporter, and with an actual bonus of 5% due to the inbound magical components in ech location, so risks are low.
(1-95% exact 96-97% too High, 98-99% too low, 100% magical mishap, use 2nd/3rd table as normal)
Each office has an arrival location, but sometimes no departures are allowed, permanentely or temporarily.(Due afforementioned reasons. If permanent there will be NO AT&T agent available on that location.

Teleportation Spell per person or Item Including 50 Lbs cargo Instant (chance of mishaps as normal)

Cost; Person+Load/person 200 sp / 24 miles 5000 sp minimum
Cost; Cargo / 50 Lbs 200 sp / 24 miles 5000 sp minimum

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I hope this will suffice any tips/alterations please inform me.

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