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My 5e TR campaign

by DirtSkull

The brief history of the Rift I gave the players was: The Rift exists alone, cut-off from any known world. A century ago, Scorch, the Red Dragon, was in a fierce battle with the head of the Council of Mages. Scorch disappeared into slumber and the wizard went mad and now resides alone atop of Wizardspire. It is believed that the sleeping Dragon's existence, remains the source of evil that lurks within the Rift. The current threat of evil within the Rift is minimal.

The Characters from the start are a Noble Sorcerer(Silver Dragon Bloodline)from Melinir, his retainer, a Human Fighter, an Elf Ranger from the Gauntlin Forest, and a Black Dragonborn fighter from Marshwood.

Part One began when the players are brought to Mage Island to appear before the Council of Mages. They claim that the young Black Dragon, Hakra(Wild Dragon Den), the older Green Dragon Nefastus(Wyrmhaven)and their elder, Anandak, a Red Dragon(League of the Red Serpent), have descended upon the Rift. The fear is that they may have been summoned by Scorch or, they may be here to awake him. Hakra has made his home within Marshwood and is the player's first priority. This chapter went well with the players taking down the Black Dragon. The Lizardfolk followers were a challenge but in the end, they rescue an Elf maid and return the carcass of Hakra to Mage Island.

Part Two began with the party hailed as Dragonslayers by the Melinir citizens. Requests from troubled areas throughout the Rift came pouring in. The Council decided that they should pursue the reports of Goblins in the Burning Hills that have been gaining strength. They have control of an old Gnome Palace(Palace of Dread). The Goblin King has contacted nearby Hobgoblin and Bugbear tribes and their meeting must be thwarted.

The party traveled by riverboat north through Torlynn and stopped in Silvercrest(an Elven controlled town along the river). There they were welcomed by the rescued Elf Maid's family. Afterwards, they continued on to Kleine, briefed and began the assault on the Gnome's Palace. This dungeon was again a good challenge but the party came through, rescued the Gnomes and destroyed the Goblin King and both Hobgoblin and Bugbear ambassador parties. The rescued Gnome Elder suggests to the party to seek-out the mad Mage at Wizardspire. It was he who commissioned the Gnomes a century ago to construct an Artifact, a generator of sorts. He claimed it was for a solution to the inevitable Dragon threat. The Gnomes give the party this Artifact and they carry it away in a large chest.

Part Three began in the town of Kleine just after the party returns back from the Gnome Palace. Reports have arrived that a large Red Dragon destroyed Mage Island two nights past. The citizens of Melinir are living in fear. The party doesn't hesitate to act and they sail south. When the river bends before Silvercrest, the party witnesses the final destruction of the Elven trading port by the Green Dragon, Nefastus. His direction is seen and scouts provide the party with the location. The party spent the day helping the townsfolk of Silvercrest. A Rakasta Cleric assists the party, messages go out to Kleine warning the people. Dwarven caravans leave HearthHome to gather refugees to bring back for shelter. Within the Green Dragon's lair(Wyrmhaven), the party had fun discovering the large assortment of cursed magic items. The inhabitants were no match and in the end, Nefastus goes down. DM notes, I gave and have been giving the party the option of returning looted treasure for XPs. In this case, the Dragon's hoard was donated to the recently razed trading port of Silvercrest.