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Mage Island in Lake Ganif

by Chris Seabrook

I was going to have an abandoned wizard's school on Mage Island, with only the former head wizard left behind. I would have had him be a crazy and lonely, but mostly kind, old man living in the lighthouse, researching the island's magical secrets. The school was inspired by the quad at my former university that I was attending when I made this. The island would have been rocky and swampy, chilly, foggy, permanently overcast, with the weather varying between light drizzle and thunderstorms. There was going to be the remains of small village hedgewizard craftspeople that traded with the school. This is where the people first fled to during the wizard vs. warrior war. It would have been very moldy ruins if my players had decided to visit the island.

My gf at the time was reading the Potter books, and I was trying to make her feel included. That is why this feels like an abandoned, cold, foggy, wet, rotted, and moldy Hogwarts.