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Melinir School, Archives, Library, Scriptorium, Paper Maker, and Book Binder

by Chris Seabrook

I figured that the library would also hold the town and court archives. The clerics that oversaw the library would also be paper-makers, bookbinders, and scribes. The would work both for the temple, and for hire, to make whatever extra coin the could to help run the library and school.

Here is the original write-up about the Library/Schoolhouse:

15. Library/Schoolhouse
This is a one-storystone building where the people of Melinir come to improve their knowledge. If using the library for research, the fee is2 go a day.
The building is also a schoolhouse. The temple agreed to provide for the education of the town's children in exchange for not having to pay taxes. During the day, all children under the age of 12 may attend classes. Attendance is up to the parents. The classes are held in a side room, keeping the library quite.

Collin, McComb. Thunder Rift. 1. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA: TSR, 1992. 32. Print.

1: Entrance: Lighted, pillared, and covered entrance with large, intricately carved, iron banded oak double doors with two heavy locks and a bracket for a cross brace on the back.
2: Foyer: Lighted with large chandelier with historical murals and statues of immortals: To the south there is another set of large , intricately carved, iron banded oak double doors with two heavy locks and a bracket for a cross brace on the back. There is a secret door to the west.
3: Check-in and check-out, paperwork and searching room: Theft has always been a problem for the library. This room had another set of large banded oak doors to the south, and several tables. Two tables have log and note books, and the two southern tables are for searching for library books, scrolls, maps or torn pages. Help with research can be found, sagely answers and advice will be given, and requests and recommendations may be made, here. Agreed upon prices, dues, and fines may be paid here, as well.
4: Library commons: Reading stands, warm fires, comfortable reading chairs, tables, and work desks are here. There are two doors to the west that lead to the scriptorium.
5: Main library: This is where the majority of publicly viewable books are kept.
6: Classroom: This is where the youth of Melinir may come to be educated. To the south is a library office, and teacher's preparation room. It may be rented for private research.
7: Region archive: This area contains such things as "official" local histories, the collected laws, court logs, land and property deeds, contracts, and family trees and histories.
8: Scriptorium: This room is for the monks and clerics that copy the sacred texts, important books, and whatever else the library has been commissioned to make. This is also where the clerics make paper, tan vellum, and bind and repair books and scrolls.
9: Lounge and guard room: There is are some stairs down to further book and scroll collections (that may not yet be cataloged, be very old, be in a poor state of repair, be magical, or covering a topic that may bother some library customers), and a couch and table with chairs for library staff. This room usually has either one or two town guards, or one guard and one cleric; there is a secret door to the east that allows the guards inside to intercept any would be book-thieves.