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by Chris Seabrook

As you can see with the rectory above, I have recovered a bunch of the maps I used to use in my home Thunder Rift Campaign. I was about to post the maps for the Garrison and the "Guard Post at Gate", when I noticed a discrepancy between the description of an area, and the map.
The description for area 2 (the Garrison) states: "these two barracks house...", but I only noticed one building labelled "2".

Can anybody see another "2" on the map, or am I free to appropriate and map another building? The town could use an armory and town guard stables. If I add a armory and stables, how many of the 30 guards should get horses? I doubt I can fit in stables big enough to fit 30 horses into a nearby building, and a town armory.

Here is my old work sheet, with a proper citation added at the bottom: