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High Cleric's Quarters

by Chris Seabrook

Here is the original write-up about the Temple Sleeping Quarters:

12. High Cleric's Quarters
This is the study and sleeping quarters of the head of the temple. She is a busy person and is not often here. A locked trunk under her bed holds 500 gp, a golden plate worth 200 gp, and seven gems worth 100 gp each.

Collin, McComb. Thunder Rift. 1. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA: TSR, 1992. 32. Print.

This is the small sleeping quarters, or rectory, of the High Cleric of the Melinir Temple, Lady Enora.
Enora (Cleric 9, Human): AC 8; hp 42; MV 120' (40'); #AT 1; THAC0 16; Dmg 1-6 +2 (mace +2); AL Lawful; XP 2,300
This is her sanctuary, when she has the time to get to it. Everything here is organized to be useful, safe, and private.
The Rectory can be found to the north of the Temple, and east of the general sleeping quarters, by either walking amongst the grove of trees, or by following a beaten dirt path around the north side of the Temple.
A: Outside the Fence: The entire building and gardens is separated from the rest of the compound by a double layer of trees and bushes, with a tall, heavy, fence running through the middle. The trees on the outside are a mix of deciduous trees, and have no other special properties other than to have low, leafy branches that help hide the rectory gardens from public view; there are aided in this task by the shrubs and hedges that thickly grow in between them. On the east side of the path to the rectory are two paddocks or bird coops; they are filled with whatever assortment of foul or livestock the priests have at the time.
B: The Gardens: The path widens and reaches a tall and heavy wooden gate. Inside the gate are gardens of trees, berry bushes, flowers, and herbs, all with either magical or medicinal use. Through the gardens cut narrow, straight, and neat paths that show Enora's lawful character. The front half is sprouted and grown, but the back half has only just recently been planted. Lady Enora hasn't had the time to finish her plating until recently, but she is happy with the way things have turned out, as she will now have staggered harvests. In the Eastern garden, there is a hand plough that is full of picked herbs and vegetables, but was abandoned and has been forgotten for the moment. A broader path runs east from the house to an outhouse built up against the town wall.
C: The Rectory: The rectory is a small (10' by 10'), one story cottage, with a steeply angled, pyramidal, roof and a large central chimney. The cottage is built in a spiral around a large central fireplace; the only way to get to the High Cleric's bed room is through every other (locked) door, or by finding a way down the chimney.
1: Front Door: Large, and heavy iron banded oak double doors.
2: Vestibule: Made of the same marble as the rest of the temple complex. A place to remove and leave jackets, boots, and weapons. A small font of clean water can be found on east side. It is usually used for washing oneself before they enter the home. The font may be filled with holy water if there is believed to be danger close, such as either a plague, or an undead attack upon the city. The is a single oak door in the north west.
3: Dinning and Guest Area: If Enora where to ever bring others into her home, this is where the would be allowed to sit. To the north is an opening in the large central fireplace. To the east is a large table with six chairs. To the north east is a small wine rack. To the north is another wooden door.
4: Kitchen: This kitchen is small, cramped, and over filled. To the east is the only counter space. To the west is an opening to the central fireplace with spit and a large pot. To the north-west is a wood burning stove that is too large for the kitchen. Along the north wall, between the stove and the well is a barrel of spiced fruit preserved in brandy. In the east corner is small, but deep, well, and the door to the study.
5: Study and Meditation Chamber: Along the north wall of this cramped room is a comfortable reading chair, a basin of holy water, and a statue of Enora's patron Immortal. In the centre of the room is a small but thick silk prayer and meditation carpet, laid out before the statue. To the west is an opening to the central fireplace, and to the east is a book case full of whatever books the High Cleric felt she needed close at hand. There is an oak door to Lady Enora's bedchamber to the south.
6: Lady Enora's Bedchamber: This room is modest in all ways except for the large and soft double bed along the southern wall. To the west is another opening to the central fireplace. Up against the eastern wall is a tall dresser with drawers that holds Lady Enora's work clothes and priestly vestments. The top drawer is split between papers and documents, and other assortments. On top of the dresser is a steel lantern. Next to the dresser is her family crest, and under that are two framed pieces of paper, one with a drawing of a woman (her sister), and the other with a prayer written on it. Against the southern wall is a chest that holds the High Clerics armour, magical mace, two vials of holy water, several healing potions, clean bandages, one set of iron rations, a wine/water skin, and an extra holy symbol. Next to the chest is Lady Enora's one personal decadence: her bed that she inherited from her family. The mattress is straw and feather from some of the temple's geese, wrapped in tight and thick cotton. The inner set of sheets are purple Selenican silk, the outer sheets are cotton, the duvet is duck down, and the purple outer blanket is died wool, the pillows are also duck down with purple silk cases. Under the bed is a locked trunk that could hold all of her bed clothes, but currently has two leather bags (one with 500 gp, and another with seven gems worth 100 gp each) and a golden plate with an inscription worth 200 gp.