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The Melinir Smithy and Armourer

by Chris Seabrook

This is the Melinir Smithy; it is the towns blacksmith, bronzesmith, coppersmith, tinsmith, plumber (in the sense of plumbum), armorer, and weapons smith.
In my campaign, the adventures from the Red Boxed Set (Basic) where set in Thunder Rift. I decided that Baldwick and Shar should have some kind of relationship since there is only one smithy on the Melinir map. This is the only map that mentions a character that is often thought of as Karameikrian (Armorer Baldwick).

The Melinir Smithy and Armourer is owned and run by the dwarven woman named “Shar”, and the ageing human man, know as “Armorer Baldwick”. The Smithy has a outside “summer forge” for warmer days and large orders, and an interior “winter forge. Shar has a small room off to the right with a private back door. Shar originally came from Hearth-Home, and Baldwick from Klien (and maybe Karameikos before that). The connection between the two, and their reasons for coming to Melinir are unknown, but much speculated.