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The Melinir Temple District

by Chris Seabrook

I figured that the temple and it's clerics have to preform a lot of different functions within Thunder Rift, including being the only large, publicly invested, source of magic, knowledge, and education. It is probably the only source of medicine or charity. The local government doesn't seem to do very much for the people of Melinir, except enforce some law, and maintain the roads, wharves, and walls. This leaves all important social functions up to the clergy.

Temple Sleeping Quarters:
Here is the original write-up about the Temple Sleeping Quarters:

12. Temple Sleeping Quarters
All visiting Lawful clerics are invited to stay in the temple's quarters, free of charge. Although the dormitory is open, there is plenty of quite clerics can easily meditate for their spells without fear of distraction. There is room for about 30 visitors (in addition to the permanent cells of the 10 temple clerics). In one cleric's room, a locked trunk underneath the bed holds silver candle holders form the temple's altar, worth 100 gp each. Whether the cleric stole them or has been framed is up to the DM.

Collin, McComb. Thunder Rift. 1. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA: TSR, 1992. 32. Print.

Temple Sleeping Quarters: First Floor:

Left to right: Dormitories and water closet/privy/garderobe (bathroom); central hall and common room; kitchen and dinning hall. Weekly ritual self-care, purification, and bathing, can be done in either the water closet, with a portable wooden tub and heated water brought from the kitchen, or in the kitchen itself.

Temple Sleeping Quarters: Second Floor:

Left to right: low-rank cleric and guest private rooms; high-rank cleric private rooms; mid-rank cleric private rooms; chapel; high-rank cleric rooms; storage room; private, reading, meditating, office, and meeting room.