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Traladaran Clans

by Jennifer Guerra

Before the Thyatian invasion, and the subsequent conquest of Traladara by Stefan Karameikos, this rich coastal and forest region was dominated by powerful Traladaran families, called clans. Clans often did business based on their location, such as coastal clans being involved in shipping and uplands clans in agriculture or logging, etc. (Note that this system is similar to that of the Darokinian trade houses, which are often dominated by members of a single family.) Each clan had its own siege, and while some were more powerful than others, all were powerful in their own right; and all were fairly wealthy, before they were crippled by Thyatian taxation.

Below is a list of the most powerful Traladaran clans, their sieges, and any other information of note. Clans are listed in order of importance. Clans in italics have ceased to exist; a reason is given in the notes section.

Clan Siege Notes
Vidrina Vidrin Entire clan killed in initial Thyatian invasion; Vidrin now the Barony of Vorloi
Marilenev Marilenev Rebellion in 970s led to the massacre of nearly the entire clan; Lady Magda now lives alone. Marilenev lands encompass King Stefan's capital
Gogunov Lazkow Clan formerly based just outside Marilenev; half killed in initial invasion, half in Marilenev Rebellion
Radu Mirros Modern family heads the Veiled Society and plots against the King
Torenescu Mirros Related by marriage to Minister Zogrev Yarol and Magda Marilenev. Clan tries to advance Traladaran interests through political circles
Dracul Halag Clan used to dominate west-central Traladaran caravan trade; nearly exterminated by Black Eagle Baron. Related to Torenescus
Artho Halag Trying to reassert dominance over sea trade after being persecuted by Black Eagle. Related to the Radus
Kopul Volaga Volaga was south of modern Kelvin; clan killed fighting against Desmond Kelvin I.
Andrios Volaga Clan capitulated to Baron Kelvin's rule. Magda Marilenev's family
Sulescu Sulescu Nosferatu lord swore grudging fealty to Stefan, but ducal troops sent to Sulescu in Marilenev Rebellion vanished
Dromilov Dmitrov
Moubotka Darinov Large coastal landholder
Ourosco Ourosco Previously owned a great deal of coastal land. Was betrayed by the Vandevic family in initial invasion; land was stripped by Thyatians
Ivanovich Achelos Achelos was razed and Riverfork Keep built in its place. Ivanoviches still live in area
Koriszegy Koriszegy Family died out in great tragedy, before Thyatian invasion
Vandevic Vandevicsny Clan founder Jan was a mercenary loyal to the Thyatians, and gained former Ourosco lands through treachery
Brezovo Brezovo Small coastal estate; Lady Brezovo advances Traladaran interests at court
Strolojca Mirros
Suslova Halag
Nikelnevich Mirros Alekseyev is current Patriarch of Church of Traladara; father Viktor (also Patriarch) killed in Marilenev Rebellion
Lutescu Rugalov Sworn to the Crown, but loyal to Patriarch Alekseyev Nikelnevich
Tormandros Fogor
Gorevich Gorenenov Emigrated to Glantri before Thyatian invasion
Woszlany Gorenenov Emigrated to Glantri before Thyatian invasion