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Traldars and ethnography

by Marco Dalmonte

Anyway, we cannot "forget" the existence of the Toralai in the Thyatian Mainland because they are there by canon sources, and this particular source doesn't conflict with any other information on the area. We cannot think they're Doulakki either, because their culture and names are not "Hellenistic" as the Doulakki culture you need, Giampaolo.

So go with the Traldar colonists and call them Doulakki if you want (although I find this convention useless), that won't change what they are: Traldars.

As for the Traldars, they were not SLAVIC in origin.
They are definitely GREEK, and the logical base for the Milenians. I advise all of you who think they were Slavs to read the entry for the Traldars in the Hollow World: here we see they have customs, names, features of the ancient Greeks of the golden age.

The Slavic influence which transformed them into TRALADARANS must then come from somewhere else, from some other culture.

We cannot use Toralai because of two reasons:
1. they couldn't have crossed the border with Karameikos because that was the Vyalia's region and so it was not viable. They couldn't have sailed there because they are not sailors and don't know sailing techniques (I refer to their canon description in Hollow World sourcebook). So they were stuck in the Thyatian mainland, contained west by Vyalia, south by the sea, north and east by the Nithians, the sea and the mountains.
2. they couldn't have been Slavs because from what little description we got in HW, they're buffalo hunters with tanned skin (similar to Atruaghin even if these are Neathars while Atruaghin are Oltecs) and their names don't sound Slavic at all ;)

So we have to go with the only hook left: the humans who razed the Five Shires and were later forced out of them. These must be the Slavs who merged with the Traldars left after the gnoll invasions and formed the Traladaran culture.