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Traldar Language family

by Greg Weatherup

Milenian, Traladaran, Slagich, Domanes

Is this the M-Greek one or is that Minaean? I can never keep these two correct in my mind.

4 (3 extant) dialects- Boldavian, Volagan, Voldavian, and the extinct Volszegy dialects.
Volagan & Voldavian are nowadays very minor dialects, almost fully mutually understandable. The closer to the coast, and to a lesser extent the further east one goes within Karameikos, you'll find more Volagan, you can even find it all the way into Machetos. Conversely, the further inland and into the hills and mountains one goes you'll find more Voldavian, which is also spoken within many homes in SE Darokin and in some neighborhoods of Selenica. Boldavian is, of course, spoken in Boldavia.

-Boldavian [dialect] [A cross between M-Russian & M-Magyar]
script: Vergan alphabet

-Volagan [dialect] [M-Romanian]
script: Thyatian alphabet

-Voldavian [dialect] [M-southern slavic or M-Serbo-Croatian]
script: Vergan alphabet

-Volszegy [dialect] [M-?]
Extinct, has been subsumed into the other Traladaran dialects (and descendant languages?) in varrying degrees. Traces of it can be found, by scholars, subsummed within the modern Volagan & Voldavian dialects, but it's influence is more prominent within the Boldavian dialect (and in Slagich & Domanes?).

note: in the RW, Romanian (Latin descended) is not related to the slavic languages (Russian, Serbo-Croatian) nor is either of them related to Magyar (Uralic/Altaic family), but in Mystara the three do appear to be very closely related.

Slagich [I've seen it suggested as either M-English or M-Montenegrin]
script: ?
(note: not to be confused with Slag)

Domanes [M-Vlach Romani]
script: ? (none?)
Language of the Dom, likely three dialects, one for each of the natsia, or perhaps 4 dialects with the Darine being heavily influenced by Traladaran?

Would these last two (Slagich & Domanes) be at the same "level on the tree" as Milenian & Traladaran, or are one or both derived from Traladaran (I'm thinking no in the case of Domanes, but yes for Slagich)? And would the Volszegy dialect have a trace within either of these?

I've had that "Vergan alphabet" refereneces in my notes for so long that I don't know where/what it came from, it's not something I pulled out of thin air is it? I'm guessing it is either supposed to be an M-Cyrillic or some sort of M-Greek script, but I can't remember.

EDIT & UPDATE: I just read that Slagich is only a dialect of Traladaran in the Savage Coast book, so that would change what I have written. Also, while re-reading some of the above posts I guess Taymoran would also be a Traldar descended language (in my defense I hadn't been overly concerned with extinct languages)