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Traladaran Magic Items

by Ville V Lähde

Here are some brief details on three powerful magic items I devised for the three heroes of the Traladaran pantheon. Unfortunately I don't have the full details myself, as the player of the PC who holds these items has the full descriptions. And yes, I never learned to do back copies.

Note: These items were originally written for "the Twin Campaigns", where the Traladaran pantheon is actually a front for the elder god/Immortal Taranis, who guided her followers away from Nithia. Thus the emphasis on powers against Thanatos (who is a bit annoyed with Taranis).

The Armour of Halav: "The Death-Teaser"

This is a powerful plate mail +3. On the breastplate is engraved a picture of a Traldar male who is picked up by a pair of divine hands just from the path of a dark scythe.

Location: The armour was buried with the hero Halav. The grave might be in Lavv, under the town Kelven. (In the Twin Campaigns it was found by the servants of the Lich Hazar and placed for safekeeping in the vaults of the Korizegy Keep vampires.)

Origins: It is believed that the armour was sent to help Halav battle the gnoll incursion after the Hutaakan race retreated to their valley.


- The armour gives a saving thrown 18 against energy draining attacks. This saving throw cannot be modified by PC abilities or other magic items. (DM option: Unless those magic items are specifically directed against death. Scarab of protection might give a +1.) - The armour holds two non-rechargeable Raise Dead Fully charges, which will be activated instantly at the point of death of the wearer. Note: This power is specifically tied to the wearer and his/her destiny. It will work only if the person is on a quest or otherwise tied to the fate of the Traladaran people. For example: Halav had used up the powers of the armour when he died... third stroke was true, so to speak. If a cleric of the Traladaran pantheon finds the armour, he/she might get another "set" of charges, if the historical situation warrants it. (So the term "non-rechargeable" refers to secular attempts to meddle with the item.)

The Mace of Petra: "The Prisoner"

This mace is crafted to resemble the head of a Traldar male, screaming voicelessly from the confines of a cage formed by the "blades" of the mace. It is a mace +3, +5 Against Servants of Thanatos, Gnoll-Slaying

Location: The mace was lost in an ancient battle against the Frost Giants in the mountains near the present-day Castellan keep. It is currently in the hoard of a white dragon who rules the giants and orcs (Pfark tribe) of the area.

Origins: The mace was crafted by underground sects of clerics during the Hutaakan reign. The clerics were sent a vision of a coming gnoll incursion. The anti-Thanatos effect was added by Taranis herself.

The Helmet of Zirchev: The Wolven Head

Not actually a helmet, this is a headpiece crafted from the head of a wolf. It was made by Zirchev in the years after the death of Halav, when he retreated to the Riverfork area to research polymorphic magic. (The ample lycanthropic infestation of that area might be a result of his experimentations.) The headpiece will replace the helmet of any suit of armour which normally includes one, without penalising the AC. Otherwise, it gives -1 to AC.

Location: Held by a tribe of werewolves in the Riverfork area.

Other powers:

- Gives the wearer the ability to speak and write the following languages: Ancient Traldar, Vyalia Elf, Hutaakan, Nithian (Note: If ever taken to Surra-Man-Raa or within the radius of the artefact buried under the city, the headpiece will instantly disintegrate.)

- Sleep 1/day

- Speak with animals 1/day

- Summon 1 Normal Wolf/day: The wolf will appear out of thin air and remain for 1 hour. It will obey the commands of the wearer like a well trained war dog with an empathic link to the wearer.