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Traladaran spells and item

by Jacob Skytte

Here are some spell suggestions (OD&D format); they might not be balanced/unique, but they're just suggestions.

Liquid Bronze
Level: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round per level of the caster Effect: 1 bronze weapon

Upon casting this spell, the blade of an edged weapon made of bronze is turned into a boiling bronze liquid. It will still keep it's shape, and can be used in combat. Due to it's liquid nature the weapon gains +2 to hit, and it will inflict an additional 1d6 points of heat damage when scoring a hit. The blade can also be used to cut through stone. When the spell ends the blade melts away. This spell has no effect if used on a weapon made of anything but bronze. A variant of this spell could be used in the enchantments for making Bronze Golems.

Grasp of Stone
Level: 4
Range: 60'
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Immobilises 1 creature

When this spell is cast minor tremors start as stone from the bed-rock digs it's way to the surface. One round later the stone will appear below a target creature and grasp it, imprisoning 1' of it within solid rock. If cast on a creature standing directly upon rock, there will be no 1-round delay. The spell has no effect if the target is not standing on the ground. The target is allowed a ST vs. spells (with a -1 penalty) to avoid being grasped unless it is already immobilised. If the target has moved more than 10' in any direction when the stone appears, the spell also fails.

A creature that is grasped by the stone will be immobilised, unless it is of sufficient strength to break stone. Should the creature's airways be trapped within the stone, it will suffocate unless freed. Though the creature will be caught indefinitely, there are many magical ways to free it, such as with Dissolve, Stone to Flesh, Dimension Door, Polymorph, etc.

Here's a sample magical item, as well:

Mask of Visions
This mask of bronze is designed to cover the entire face. When donned it fuses to the user's face. The user loses all normal vision, but gains the following benefits: Infravision to 60' (only works in darkness).
See Invisible to 60'.
See Illusions within 60'.
The mask cannot be removed until it has been worn for a full turn.