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Traladaran Superstitions

by Beau Yarbrough

NEVER PRAISE A BABY, especially its health or beauty. Hags and crones can hear such praises, and become jealous. They will either steal the baby and replace it with a hag child or simply curse the infant, making it sickly and eventually killing it.

UNLOCK ALL THE DOORS IN A HOUSE during childbirth to ensure an easy delivery.

ONLY SPEAK TRALADARAN AROUND A NEWBORN: If their first word is in Thyatian, they will grow up to be a thief.

FEEDING A HALFLING AT YOUR WEDDING FEAST means you will have a prosperous marriage.

A WIZARD POINTING AT YOU brings bad luck.

VAMPIRES AND THE RESTLESS DEAD HATE THE SOUND OF CHURCH BELLS, which is why even the humblest chapel of the Church of Traladara has a bell and bell tower. The sound of wedding bells will destroy any undead who hear them.

Traladaran Superstitions

by Ohad Shaham

Here are a few more-


WHEN DRINKING STRONG SPIRIT a drop must drip to the floor, or else the dragon's thirst won't be quenched.

A RED HAT WORN BY A CHILD will bring chaos and confusion to the realm. (misinterpreted from the Redcap brownies).

A MAIDEN SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED OUTSIDE DURING THE FULL MOON fairies or goblins will snatch her away.