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Tranquil Coast

The Tranquil Coast's southern edge includes the small Bay of Oceansend and it goes northwards up to the Bay of the Hook, near the territory of Dag. It is called the Tranquil Coast because the sea has always been friendly to the sailors and the coasts offer no particular danger in this region. However, the dominions located in this region are far from being tranquil, since many of them are embroiled in a constant warfare and tension runs high. This area also includes the two main islands located off the eastern coasts of Norwold, the southern Isle of the Dogs and the northern Walrus Island.

DAG (Barony of)
DIKHOFF (Barony of)
ERSENBAL (County of)
SERENITY (Barony of)
SONNENFELD (Barony of)
SWORDCOAST (Barony of)