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Second Shadow Infiltrator (mage/thief kit)

by Andrew McKinstry

In order to become one of the elite infiltrators of the Second Shadow, a shadow elf must possess at least a 13 in dex., cha., and int.

Role: The second shadow is the shadow elf intelligence agency. The public wing of the organisation acts as a secret police that finds intruders and keeps the peace. The secret half of the second shadow is the half that the Infiltrator belongs to. This illegitimate half engages in espionage, assassinations, and the theft of secret documents belonging to other countries. The second shadow has extensive spy networks all across the Known World, with many agents in high positions in quite a few governments. The infiltrator is the cream of the spy crop, the "James Bond" of the shadow elf world. They are masters of disguise, often successfully posing as members of other races, and extremely good at listening in on what they're not supposed to.

Equipment: Infiltrators must have a disguise kit to appear as other people.

Bonus Non-weapon Proficiencies: Disguise

Recommended Non-weapon Proficiencies: Forgery, Gaming, Etiquette, Information Gathering, Modern Languages

Weapon Proficiencies: Bonus: None Recommended: Some sort of weapon that can be concealed

Special Benefits: When posing as an elf or shadow elf, the infiltrator does no have to roll a proficiency check, the roll automatically succeeds. When posing as a different race, however, the Infiltrator still must make a proficiency check as normal.

- Infiltrators gain a +15%bonus to their move silently and hear noises rolls.

Special Hindrances: Shadow elves don't have a strong sense of identity to begin with, and posing as different people does not help this. Infiltrators lose 5% of their sleep/charm resistance per level, to a minimum of 20%. In addition, every time they advance in level Infiltrators have a cumulative 3% chance of being struck with some form of insanity (chosen by the DM.)

Wealth Options: Infiltrators are well funded by the second shadow and thus receive 5d4x10 gp