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Tribal Warrior class, BECMI

by Ashtagon

(suitable for Atruaghin, Ethengar as a variant, and HW Neathar, among others)

* HD: 9d8+3 (as fighter)
* XP: as fighter
* Saves: As fighter
* Armour: Leather and shield only; no chain or plate.
* Weapons: Dagger, short sword, club, quarterstaff, hand axe, spear, javelin, sling, short bow

Class Features:

* 1st level: Gain Constitution bonus (if any) to AC.
* 3rd level: Move Silently and hide in Shadows (outdoors only) as a thief of 1/3 his level, round down.

* 2nd level: Smite 1/day, usable against humanoids or animals only. +Charisma bonus to hit, +level to damage, lasts until character sleeps or enemy is dead.
* 6th level: Smite 2/day; can spend 2 daily smite uses to smite a giant or magical beast.
* 10th level: Smite 3/day; can spend 3 daily smite uses to smite any creature type not already listed (such as dragons or undead).
* 14th level: Smite 4/day
* 18th level: Smite 5/day
* 22th level: Smite 6/day
* 26th level: Smite 7/day
* 30th level: Smite 8/day
* 34th level: Smite 9/day

Design notes:

These guys start with 4 less AC than a fighter (less if they have a good Con, which they should do for this class), but the same hp. Once high level magical items get in the picture, that difference begins to seem rather small.

The weapons list is based on (very) early bronze age technology.

Move Silently and Hide for outdoors only just makes sense, but I made it inferior to a thief, so as not to make that class obsolete in a primitive setting.

The smite is meant to be vaguely reminiscent of barbarian rage, but with a simpler mechanic, and the varying cost by target creature type encourages them to really fear the more monstrous enemies.