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Alfheim Elvish Treewalking

by Scott Moore

The following feat is intended to be a d20 conversion of the OD&D Treewalking general skill as described in the Elves of Alfheim Gazetteer (TSR#9223, page 49). Those GMs who decide to make this a starting or initial feat for Alfheim elves at first level can either ignore the skill and ability prerequisites or may adjust them to be more in line with what a starting character is capable of at first level.

If using the Unearthed Arcana racial paragon classes, consider granting a bonus to Treewalking-related skill checks for Alfheim elves with levels in the elf paragon class. A bonus of +1 per elf paragon level would be appropriate and should not unbalance the class's abilities.

Treewalking [General]

You can move through the branches of trees with unnatural ease.

Prerequisite: Dex 15, Balance 6 ranks, Jump 5 ranks, forest as your race's natural environment.

Benefit: With a successful Balance check (DC based on the tree limbs' width), the character may jump between branches of a tree (or branches of adjacent trees), as if they had a running start. The length of the running start is equal to half your regular movement rate for each Balance check passed, up to a maximum equivalent of a 20-foot running start. Characters may not take 20 on these Balance checks.

The following bonuses and penalties for Treewalking-related skill checks (as originally described in Elves of Alfheim) may be applied, as appropriate:

Home or Sentinel Oak +1
Unfamiliar species of tree -1
Dead tree, brittle branches -3
Character raised in Alfheim +1

The level and XP based adjustments originally listed in Elves of Alfheim should be discarded when this ability is converted for use in d20 games.