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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Tr'gat is 17 years old, born to a tribe of Black Mountain goatmen. At age 12, his tribe was slaughtered in a raid by one of Skriaka's rival harpy clans. Hiding successfully during the combat, Tr'gat decided to offer himself as a mercenary to Skriaka's group, as it may give him some measure of vengeance. Unfortunately, the young goatman was lacking a bit in maturity and wisdom, and didn't foresee that he would be charmed into loyal servitude.

Personality: Tr'gat would be a reliable aide to Skriaka's tribe due to his background, but the harpy abilities ensure that he will not betray them.

He is accepted partially as a member of the scream, and is treated with more respect and kindness than other charmed hanger-ons. He is as treacherous as the harpies he serves, fitting his goatman nature as well.

Like Skriaka, he has blended two cultures favouring underhanded manoeuvring, and emerged the worst for it. He shows little respect for non-harpies or to harpies of other screams.

Appearance: Tr'gat stands just 5'2" and is on the emaciated side. He mimics his harpy comrades by scorning clothing. He is armed at all times with the dagger that serves as his sole remaining possession from his younger, more quiet days.

Combat Notes: He is a 2nd-level goatman. AC 3 (hide, dexterity bonus); hp 27; at 1; D 1-4 (dagger) or 1-4 plus special (ram); save T2; ML 9 (12 in defending the scream); Al C; S 9, I 9; W 7; D 17; Co 13; Ch 6. Languages: Common (as his flock is gone, his goatman dialect is not spoken by any other living soul and is thus useless). General Skills: Stealth (Hills/Mountain) (D+2), Danger Sense (W). Special Abilities: Surprise bonus, Backstab (X2D), dagger bonus, ramming, climb mountains, thief skills, leaping.

DMing Notes: Skriaka uses Tr'gat as the scream's thief, assassin and spy.

He likely will be an early encounter in PC interactions with Skriaka's scream due to that fact, and may throw the PCs off from clues as to the true nature of their adversary. If they feel a goatman tribe is to blame, they may help Skriaka's cause by attacking some of the local tribes, creating less enemies for her scream.