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Tridbogg the Chanter

by Mischa E Gelman

History: Now at 47 years of age, Tridbogg is no longer a young Beastman, though he still has many years ahead of himself. He has lived an interesting life, from being made a Chanter (storyteller) of his tribe at age 15 only to the mysterious invitation he received at age 22 to join the Lighthouse. He has been one of the key Beastman representatives in that scholarly community since that time and has travelled much of the world in studying different cultures, experiencing a wide number of events that have been added to the stories he tells his tribesfolk. He has also spent a great deal of time with his head in the books, learning different languages and studying past histories and distant lands. He has become a key adviser to the chief-king of his village and is generally respected, if perceived as a bit odd by the warrior culture in which he lives. His stories are very popular, both due to good oratorical ability as well as due to his wondrous explorations.
Personality: Tridbogg is much more accepting of outsiders than most other beastmen, always anxious to learn about another culture and other people. He is very inquisitive, asking all sorts of questions and absorbing the answers. He is generally a nice guy, but will defend his friends if they come into any danger and defend himself if attacked. He is more practical than your typical Lighthouse intellectual but is much more theoretical than your standard Beastman. Of course, as the tribal Chanter, he loves to tell stories of his many travels and experiences, as well as recounting other stories he's read or heard at the Lighthouse. He is very loyal to the Lighthouse community and will never speak of it to his countrymen or strangers unless he sincerely believes they would fit in there and could contribute. Similarly, he would never betray his tribe.
Appearance: Tridbogg wears the usual outfit of a beastman (fur boots, trousers, hooded parkas) no matter where he goes, having pride in his culture and his peoples. He has light pink skin with penetrating entirely red eyes that have an unnerving effect on those he meets for the first time. He stands only 5'2" and weighs 140 pounds, more frail than your typical beastman definitely. His ears appear rather elvish but he is as furry as a bear and cannot be mistaken by an elf except perhaps by the blind.
Combat Notes: He is a 7th level beastman. AC 7 (hide); hp 43; at 1; D 1-6 (mace); save F7; ML 10; Al N; S 12, I 16, W 14, D 9, Co 11, Ch 12. Languages: Beastman, Neathar, Nithian, Elvish. General Skills: Storytelling (Ch+2), Knowledge (Hollow World Societies) (I), Mysticism (W), Knowledge (International Worship of Ka), Drinking (Co), Knowledge (History, Icevale Elves) (I). Currently studying the society of the Deep Glaurants.