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Thunder Rift in 31 hexes

by gnarfunk

This is the most practical hex map I've found after adding numbered hexes. It just needs the 32 page Thunder Rift supplement to add things like "Gnoll Lair" and the like to the DM's version of the hex list. I suggest the PCs probably know the following about the hex map, and so the following can be shared with them.

1 - Hearth-Home. West Farolas Hills. Caravan Route.
02 - East Farolas Hills. Northwest Upper Great Grasslands. Caravan Route.
03 - Kleine. Lake Ostrel. The Plunging Cataract.
04 - The Burning Hills. Raven's Ruin.
05 - Far North Gauntlin Forest.
06 - West Drake River. West Upper Great Grasslands.
07 - Drake River. Northeast Upper Great Grasslands.
08 - North Gauntlin Forest.
09 - Northeast Gauntlin Forest.
10 - Gloomfens.
11 - Wizardspire. Middle Upper Great Grasslands.
12 - Middle Upper Great Grasslands.
13 - Middle Gauntlin Forest. Silvercrest. The Wailing Plateau.
14 - South Upper Great Grasslands. Lake.
15 - Southwest Gauntlin Forest. Southeast Upper Great Grasslands.
16 - Torlynn. Abandoned Mine. East Melinir Hills. Edgewater.
17 - Southeast Gauntlin Forest.
18 - North Grakken Wood.
19 - Melinir. West Melinir Hills. Old Mine. The Whistling Cave.
20 - Lake Ganif. Mage Island.
21 - Brichtwood.
22 - South Grakken Wood. The Dark Pit. Northwest Lower Great Grasslands.
23 - Marshwood. Ruins.
24 - The Black Swamps. The Ruins of Kraal.
25 - North Horned Hills. Caravan Route.
26 - East Bone Hills. West Lower Great Grasslands.
27 - Middle Lower Great Grasslands. The Monolith.
28 - West Horned Hills. Ruins.
29 - East Horned Hills.
30 - West Bone Hills.
31 - The Keep of the Black Knight. Fens. South Lower Great Grasslands.

8 mile hexes. As noted in the Thunder Rift handbook, this is 20 miles or in terms of this map, 2 and a half hexes a day if travelling unmounted for 10 hours, and 5 hexes a day mounted. Middle of the hex is measured to middle of next hex.

Here's a double size version of the above map, even better: