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TRIKELIOS (Kingdom of)

Location: Isle of Dawn, east of Brun, southwest of the New Alphatian Sea. SD

Area: 17,960 sq. mi. (46,516 sq. km.).

Population: 70,000 (25,000 in the city of Trikelios). [Population figures are tentative, pending census. Ed.]

Language: Alphatian (Hillvale and Thothian dialects), Thyatian (Redstone dialect), Nithian (Thothian dialect).

Coinage: Alphatian Standard: crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp). Thyatian Standard also very common: emperor (5 gp), lucin (gp), justiciar (ep), asterius (sp), denarius (cp).

Taxes: 15% income tax on everyone of servant status or higher, and an import/export tax of 2% on magical items and components, and 1% on all other goods (Naycese kingdoms, Karameikos and Thyatis excluded). 10% of tax revenue goes to the Naycese treasury, and an additional 10% is spent on military forces in the name of the confederation.

Government Type: Semiautonomous monarchy, member of Nayce.

Industries: Shipbuilding, reconstruction, agriculture.

Important Figures: Stillian (Queen).

Flora and Fauna: With the Great Escarpment so close and the destruction brought about by war, there are numerous creatures running about the kingdom. Likewise, numerous undead formerly under Thothian control are running loose.

Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperors boxed set, previous almanacs.

Description by Allstrick.

Admittedly, we almost did not venture to Trikelios. We had planned to board ship at Ekto to travel to the Alatians. However, circumstances made this unlikely and we were forced to venture down the coast to Trikelios to secure passage. I had a definite sense of dread at going to the kingdom as it held some old bad feelings for me. But those events occurred decades ago, perhaps matters had been forgotten.

The Land

Trikelios is located on the eastern coast of the central portion of the Isle of Dawn. The kingdom boasts an abundance of fertile farmland. Paramount to the kingdom is the capital city of Trikelios. Nestled upon the bank of one of the isle's larger rivers, it has free access to the Sea of Dawn. Not surprisingly, Trikelios has strong connections to the sea. Before the Great War it was known as one of the empire's shipbuilding giants.

The kingdom still bears the scars of the battles that followed the Great War. Like its neighbour Ekto, the locals are rebuilding. Their progress seems to be quite steady. In particular the city's shipyards are being given great attention. They are even building ships, though at a reduced capacity because of the still unfinished shipyards. That's the general status of the whole rebuilding process. Things are functional, but not quite finished. At least they have recognised their priorities. Time will allow for the finer things to be added later.

The People

Trikelios has traditionally been Alphatian and its populace is predominantly Alphatian. There is also a sizeable Thothian minority present. Also, one will notice a minor Thyatian presence. I was surprised that any Thyatians remained there. Intermarriages between Alphatians and Thyatians are not uncommon on the isle, so I guess some would remain due to such family ties.

The people of Trikelios have always been a hard working lot. This is even more so today as they strive to regain their city's former glory. The sounds of construction can be heard from dawn till dusk, halting during the midday for a meal. It is a bit annoying but one does get used to it after a few days. Most of the locals swear that they do not even notice it. In fact, they do not notice much. Most seem completely focused upon their present work.

Recent History

Trikelios had been one of the Thothians' settlements until coming into the Alphatian fold. Under Alphatian rule the city had prospered with its shipbuilding. After the Great War Trikelios was occupied for a time by the Thyatians. Thothian intervention wrested the city from its occupiers, nearly destroying the city in the process. With the signing of the Treaty of Dawn, Trikelios became an independent kingdom with its former ruler, Stillian, as its queen. Not too long afterwards, Trikelios became a member of Nayce. Since then, Thothia re-annexed Trikelios.

Don't Miss

Despite the steady rebuilding, Trikelios is still in rough shape. Amenities are few, so those seeking luxury may want to postpone any trips to the city. This effort is in itself worthy of a look over. Alphatian building practices are interesting. With a depleted mage pool, magic and manual labour have to be integrated a bit more.

Do Miss

Trikelios has a definite problem with monsters roaming about the land. Most come down from the Great Escarpment, others are remnants of the battles with the Thyatians. These latter creatures are mostly summoned creatures, or examples of the undead utilised by the Thothians. Many have broken free of the magical control and wander about wreaking havoc. Likewise, the sewers that lay beneath the city are a haven for nasty creatures. With their attentions fully devoted to rebuilding, little effort has been given to dealing with these problems. Of course notable adventurers may find employment in such duties, though I expect payment would be minimal.