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The later adventures of the Traladaran Three

by Håvard

What did Halav, Petra and Zirchev do after the Battle of Krakatos? So far I have the following structure:

1) Restoration of the Traldar Kingdom/Traladara - The Legend of Haven
2) The Machetos Expansions and dealing with the Toralai
3) Adventures on the Isle of Dawn - See James Mishler's work on the Isle of Dawn
4) Adventures on Davania - final meeting between Halav and Milen
5) Quest on LaTerre's "Hellas"
6) Explorations oof the Inner and the Outer Planes
7) Quest for Immortality

Chapter 1 - Restoration of the Traldar Kingdom/Traladara - The Legend of Haven

The Battlefield of Krakatos. King Milen's forces never arrived. With both the Gnolls and the Traldar taking heavy losses, King Halav himself challenged the Gnoll King to a duel. Now, the Traldar King lies dead. Slain my the monstrous leader. But as all hope is lost, Petra the Warrior Princess steps in, demanding that the Immortals themselves intervene. As the dark clouds disappear, a cone of light appears above the body of the dead king. Halav is lifted into the air by unseen forces, his sword and shield back in his hands. As the Gnoll King turns in surprise, Halav drives his blade through the beast lord. The gnolls flee in terror from this awesome sight! Zirchev and Petra rally the Traldar. The battle has turned!

What happened in the years following the Battle of Krakatos? I imagine a series of adventures dealing with driving most of the Gnolls out of Traladara, rebuilding the country and dealing with other, lesser threats. During these years, I also see the group discovering the City of Haven while investigating the legends of King Traldar.