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Thunder Rift - Lost and Found

by DMVictory

Utilising the fine work of contributors from here (on the Pandius site) and the published materials, I began a Thunder Rift campaign a couple of years ago. I did make some alterations to suit myself and used 3.5E for the system. It went well with one player developing a rivalry with the Black Knight and the group proclaimed heroes for ending the Everwinter of Torlynn. Unfortunately, real life intruded and the campaign was put on hold for about a year.

Several players wanted to pick up where we left off but switch to 4E. So with some alterations to my previous alterations I presented this to them.

Dragonborn The Scalefolk
The Dragonborn, usually mistaken for lizardmen or newts, had been content to keep to themselves in the Marshwoods and the Black Swamp. The spread of undead have pushed the scalefolk to seek allies. To prevent needless conflict the clanhead made contact with Melinir and the Quadrial to peaceably enter the rest of the vale. Young dragonborn have eagerly begun to explore.

Dwarves The Farolas
The Dwarves were led by the legendary hero, King Farolas, to Thunder Rift. They have Farolas as their Clan name. Other minor clans also live side by side with the Farolas Dwarves in the hills bearing the same name.

Eladrin The Silverfolk
The Eladrin are composed of the Silvercrest Clan that have only recently returned from the deep wood. Their time in the deep wood changed them from elves to eladrin.

Elves The Gauntlin
The Elves are referred as the Gauntlin. These elves never left for the deep wood.

Half-elves are called Valleyfolk or Gauntlin, depending on where they were raised. After the Silvercrest Clan left, the elves that remained broke the taboo against racial mixing.

Halflings The Hinfolk
The Halflings are refugees fleeing from the conflict in the Hin Hills. Ogres invaded and enslaved the hinfolk, renaming the land the Bone Hills. Hinfolk have scattered throughout the vale, but some stay behind to fight.

Humans The Valleyfolk
The Humans of Thunder Rift have a wide variety of backgrounds. The major human settlements are the villages of Melinir, Kleineve made star pacts are called Sorcerers and are unavailable.

All races develop tactical and inspirational leaders.

All races have devotees of magic. Many rituals are banned or have been lost.

The Firmament
The largest temple of The Firmament is located in Melinir. The following are worshipped by humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, dragonborn, eladrin, half-elves, tieflings, and gnomes.
Boccob, god of the moon, magic, knowledge, and foresight
Priests are referred to as Scholars. The Order of the Eye is the fighting order.
Ehlonna, goddess of the earth, woodlands, flora & fauna, and fertility
Priests are referred to as Mothers or Fathers. The Unicorn Cavalry is the fighting order.
Pelor, god of the sun, light, strength and healing
Priests are referred to as Lumens. The Radiant Lords are the fighting order.
Wee Jas, goddess of death, beauty, law, and peace
Priests are referred to as Peacemakers. The Pale Knighthood is the fighting order.

The Abaddon
They are worshipped by the humanoid tribes and clans. Others have chosen them over the Firmament.
Erythnul, goddess of ruin, fire, the unnatural, and slaughter
Hextor, goddess of massacres, fitness, tyranny, and war
Nerull, god of the underworld, darkness, decay, and murder
Vecna, god of the stars, sorcery, secrets, and lies

My overall plot is that Thunder Rift is a realm that was saved from eradication. A great change was coming and all would be lost. The gods cooperated for the first time since creation and saved what they could of the world. They created Thunder Rift and brought the survivors there.

Now the Firmament and the Abaddon work to keep Thunder Rift hidden from the new powers of the cosmos. But as even Vecna knows, secrets can be impossible, even for the gods, to keep...

I'll post the characters and their adventures later.

As a side note, I forgot to include that Tieflings are sometimes called "Devilfolk" by those that don't like them. Those more tolerant or unprejudiced will usually just call them Valleyfolk.

Also, I used most of the TR timeline that has been compiled unedited.

Cultural notes:

The Scalefolk are viewed as a mix of amusing tourists and frightening beasts. Their imposing size and appearance can be upsetting but this is offset with their obvious curiosity about nearly everything around them. In this aspect they behave like tourists (some think bumpkins), "Ooohing and aahing" over things the folk see not the least bit unusual. They have taken interests in just about everything they see and sometimes can be single-minded in learning all about a subject or item. This has led to their people swiftly adapting equipment, techniques, and culture in a mish-mash of what suits each individual.

The Farolas are pretty much as is with the exception of a growing schism developing between clan loyalists and independent separatists.

The Silverfolk are trying to learn about the vale that most of them left so long ago. Some have trouble accepting the elf/human intermixing, some wonder why they ever returned, and many are content being back to their home woods. They don't understand why the Gauntlin are upset with them. They came back and took charge again. Now things are better for everyone in the forests. Many are curious and have begun exploring. Many folk think they are just a kind of elf, but stranger. Sometimes behaving like an elf, sometimes flighty like the Scalefolk, or just plain alien to understanding.

The Gauntlin remain the same as in the written materials. However there is a resentment of the Silverfolk leaving them to fight the gnolls by themselves and expecting, upon return, that they would lead again. Currently, this is only a verbal disagreement.

The Hinfolk are mostly unified in their desire to recover the Hin Hills and free their people. Some are glad to be free and don't intend to return. The hinfolk regularly solicit donations to hire mercenaries to raid the ogres and rescue slaves.

The Valleyfolk are not much different from the books. I have made "4" an important number and tried to incorporate it as much as I can. Because of the war that broke out between the wizards and warriors, many rituals are banned or have been destroyed to prevent another Gloomfens from happening.