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The Troglodytes of Blizzard Pass

by Robin

I do like Troglodytes too.(although I enjoy Caymen more) I enjoyed the descriptions of their stench in the adventure. The only thing the writers did not take into account that any reptile as being cold-blooded stiifens, and either perishes or falls in a deep slumber if prolonged exposed to cold in reality. Not doing so in Mystara did bother me to a point, their had to be a simple solution. Here it is.

These Troglodytes know and excessivly use the secret of Rings of Warmth and Warmth spells
Without any additional warmth, Troglodytes, Caymen, Gatormen, and Lizardmen (in effect all reptiles) are affected by cold as if they are under the effect of a continuous slow spell. Prolonged cold exposure (winter, snow, ice) will cause these creature to hibernate and revive when exposed to warmth after 1 hour of exposure. They will then have 10+(1d4x10)% of their hitpoints due cold damage, which will recover at normal healing rates or by the use of magic. Caster reviving, will be able to still cast the spells they had before hibernation , yet this is 50% chance for each spell with a %5 bonus for each intelligence(if wokan) or Wisdom(if shaman) point they have.
The furs, feathers and leather they often wear (or sometimes grow), mimich behavior of humans and kobolds they regularly see, yet in effect do not give any real benefit, as reptiles, being cold-blooded do not have real body heat that can be trapped in furs to warm them. It does prevent them from getting wet (even in precipitation or submerging) and even colder though.

Ring of Warmth

While wearing these rings,they have receive the continuos magical effect as a Protection from cold spell and thus do not suffer cold damage. In addition they feel warm up to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

These rings look very similar to a ring of Levitate or Featherfall, due design often will be even detected as such if using an Analyze spell, and many falling adventures discovered the confusion on the worst moment.

Body Warmth spell
Leveel; A Body Warmth spell is a original Lizardmen 2nd level wokan and shaman spell normally used in winter only, as it fills a spell slot normally used for other things.
Duration; It keeps the target corporeally warm for a period of 12 Hours+ 1 hour per level of the caster.
Effect; It can affect as many intended creatures as the caster has levels, and stones which have been projected to the sun the last 3 days or more. Components; These stones lose any stored warmth in casting this spell but can be used again. The casting time is 3 minutes, and the effect is resistant to Dispel Magic on the caster only.

Heat Metal and Resist/Protection from cold are also used yet these durations are limited and the lizardkin know this. However if applied correctly it removes any cold (aka slow) effects for the duration of the spell and constitution of the target in rounds thereafter when it is cooling down again.