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Trolls of Mystara

by Håvard

Trolls are a unique race in Mystara. While some believe they are related to the Beastman descended races, the Northern Reaches Gazetteer suggests that this is a much older race. They may likely be related to Giants (see below). The main stronghold of the Known World Trolls is Trollhattan in the Brokenlands. It was founded by Vestland Trolls (mainly Root Trolls) in 1299 BC. The current ruler of Trollhattan is Mistress Haa'k Hordar. The following Troll races are found in Mystara:

Troll Races


Related Creatures:

Troll Immortals

Most trolls have little interest in Immortals. The only known troll to ever reach Immortality is Bagni Gullymaw, a patron of gluttony. The few Troll Shamans in existence tend to follow Jammudaru instead.